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June 20, 2017By Josh Richard

World Refugee Day

Churchwide, Outreach

The refugee crisis our world faces is the worst it’s ever been. According to the UNHCR, there are 22.5 million people forcibly displaced from their homes and seeking safety, stability, and refuge elsewhere. Over...

May 11, 2017By Darrell Anderson

Our Gifts At Work


We are calling May 14th our Day of Giving. Join us as we discover these transformational ministries—and make transformational gifts! Join us after services in the Circle Drive for information about each of our...

April 11, 2017By Darrell Anderson

Holy Week Schedule


Holy Week is upon us! Join us all this week as we prepare for the Passion of our Lord and the miracle of Resurrection on Easter Sunday. View a schedule of worship services and activities below:...

December 21, 2016By Michelle Thomas-Bush

Advent in Cuba


A group of Myers Park youth are in Cuba this week, participating in cultural exchange, learning, and building relationships with our partners in Remedios. You can learn a bit about our history and work in Cuba h...

June 15, 2016By Laura Grier


Cross Missions

STRENGTH Strength: the ability to resist being moved or broken by a force. Strength of body, strength of mind, strength of faith, strength of God. This week has marked a week of tragedy for our country. The unne...

June 8, 2016By Laura Grier


Cross Missions

For those of you who do not know, this summer I am working as an intern for CROSS Missions in Charlotte, North Carolina. The mission of CROSS is to “cross over boundaries that divide us, cross out stereotypes ...