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November 19, 2017By Patty Arcia



Middle and High School will celebrate faith and fellowship in Summer 2019 with the following faithful trips and service opportunities: GHOST RANCH (9th-12th grade) JUNE 9th – 15th. This education and Retreat Ce...

August 8, 2017By Laura Grier


Cross Missions

Following the end of my first semester away at college, I came home to Charlotte to a city I had visited twice, a church I’d been inside of once, and a home I had never seen. This served as quite the shock, an...

July 6, 2017By Kara Miller

Budapest Day 5


Budapest Day 5 Where do you live? Chances are good, most of us reading this would say, “Charlotte.” In a foreign country, we might answer, “United States,” “the U.S.” or “America.” (or Canada). T...

July 5, 2017By Kara Miller

Budapest Day 3


Budapest Day 3 We Meet at Last They came from all over the world. Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya. Happy to be in Budapest. Afghanistan is represented through children and a couple of families. They have given their ne...

July 5, 2017By Kara Miller

Budapest Day 4


Budapest Mission Day 4 The good man have Love. When the children, from all over the world, are asked their favorite things about the day, the answers are universal. The games. The songs. Making new friends. Smil...

July 3, 2017By Kara Miller

Budapest Beginnings


The Weekend. July 1, 2017 Gathering. We are all coming from all different directions, but with a common purpose. Some left home the week, or two weeks before, to travel and for adventures. Some of us slept sound...

June 20, 2017By Josh Richard

World Refugee Day

Churchwide, Outreach

The refugee crisis our world faces is the worst it’s ever been. According to the UNHCR, there are 22.5 million people forcibly displaced from their homes and seeking safety, stability, and refuge elsewhere. Over...

May 11, 2017By Darrell Anderson

Our Gifts At Work


We are calling May 14th our Day of Giving. Join us as we discover these transformational ministries—and make transformational gifts! Join us after services in the Circle Drive for information about each of our...

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