Alternate titles include #BududaTeamwork and #TravelingComedyOfErrors. Read on!

Eight members of the Uganda global outreach team are on their way to visit our partners at the Bududa Learning Center in Bududa, Uganda.

Who knew that one storm could create endless opportunities for bonding during our first 16 hours of travel to Bududa?!  Well… we are now at about 25+ hours of travel and counting and have a long way to go before we reach our destination.  But we are bonding like crazy… plus God’s got it and we will get there.

It all started with those torrential rainstorms Thursday am in CLT. One canceled flight left us with very few options.  Court and Ben are amazing leaders and stayed cool and calm as we navigated about 12 different flight options (Jim Carrey’s “so you’re telling me we got a chance?” is our mantra), with each option becoming unattainable over time.  All this while we managed 24 suitcases – 17 of which are LARGE and weigh 50 pounds each.  We are a traveling comedy of errors  We’ve witnessed teamwork at its best as flights were re-booked, vans were quickly secured (to get us from Baltimore to Dulles, don’t ask), suitcases were heaved, then repacked to comply with ridiculous standards, then heaved again; malaria pills popped, Time Shifter app recommendations ignored, and sleep all the while was elusive.   We even found Court behind the United counter with one Christopher Sullivan, finding creative ways to get us to Uganda.  The photo ops have been rich.

Court and Alan: “So you’re telling me we got a chance?”

But, wow, this group has come together in the most beautiful way.  No one got stressed (well, maybe just a little).  More importantly, everyone brought their spiritual and logistical gifts to the table to help solve our situation.  Normally when you have a group trying to deal with a challenge, miscommunication, and frustration are rampant.  But our trust that God’s got a plan, and can use all our challenges for good, remained a steadfast theme.  We have laughed together, bonded beyond measure, broken bread together (yes, with a bit of wine finally after about 15 hours in), and trusted one another.  Already this trip has been worth every minute, every cent, and every frustration.

I never would have imagined bonding to this degree so early in the trip, before we even land in Istanbul or Nairobi (our re-direct destinations), much less Entebbe.  This group is strong in mind, body, and spirit. We are adaptable to any situation (believe me, we’ve been tested). We will arrive at Entebbe after about 40 hours of planes, trains and automobiles – no showers or change of clothes during that time (okay, Mike found time for a shave, but the rest of us are looking grim), no comfy beds or pillows here. But we’ll arrive knowing that God has big things in store for us with the children in Entebbe, and thanks to Court’s diligence, and everyone’s flexibility, we’ll still make it for worship service on Sunday, which will be a hugely special time and well worth all this effort.

We’re grateful for this incredible group of disciples who are fun, funny and faithful.  We’re grateful that we aren’t missing any time in Bududa, even with all the headaches recreating our itinerary. We’re grateful for MPPC and its important work around the globe, and we’re grateful to be a part of it all.

We’ll let you know when we get there!  Thanks for listening.

– The Bududa global outreach team