Over the summer, take some time to get “Back to the Basics” of your faith. I often hear from people that they feel like others know so much more about the Bible, faith, or being Presbyterian than they do. First, this probably isn’t true! Many of us are in the same boat, and are just starting or scratching the surface of our faith journey. And second, even if we have grown up in the church, it is always good to get back to the basics every now and then.

Our faith is not something that is completed, mastered once and for all. Christians of all ages and stages are called to engage with, strengthen, test, and stretch our faith constantly. For in reality, faith is another word for trust. Faith is a relationship word. And while relationships need constant tending to, they also provide surprising insights and great joy!

So, wherever you are join us in exploring and strengthening our faith, now is as good of time as any! Over the summer there are three ways to connect: a book in each of July and August, and a video series from July 12 to August 9. These opportunities are designed to be completed at your own pace, with opportunities to connect with others throughout. Read more here or visit the Adult Faith page on our website to get engaged, and reach out with any questions or comments to adulteducation@myersparkpres.org.

Join us in reading through July’s book, A Brief Introduction: Presbyterian Beliefs
Join us in reading through August’s book, How the Bible Actually Works