Work in Progress

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Work in Progress is an online experience that embraces both the rough edges and the deep promise of life in God.

It’s designed for screens to meet you wherever you are today.

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A Holy Mess

Advent | Matthew | 5 Episodes

This series considers the way God enters into the messy places of our lives as we focus on Matthew’s telling of the Christmas story.


Advent | Isaiah | 5 Episodes

Behold! It’s a word of wonder that calls us to stand in awe. It’s a word that comes up again and again in the stories of Advent and Christmas. Amid a season that places so many demands on our time and resources, join us as we answer God’s call to behold the hope, peace, joy, and love of Christmas.

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Covenants | Old Testatment | 4 Episodes

God makes covenants with various people in the Bible: with Abraham, with Noah, with Moses and the Israelites… These covenants embody God’s blessings to us and they empower those blessed to be a blessing to the wider world.

How are we blessed? How might we be a blessing?

Creation Calling

Creation | 6 Episodes

We encounter God through creation through the basics of life: The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat.
How do you find God in the beauty of creation? What is our place in this created order?



Creation | 4 Episodes

The Bible begins with the story of creation. In Genesis 2, God creates the Garden of Eden and gifts it to humanity, calling them to “till and keep” the garden. The garden symbolizes all the gifts God gives us. Life itself is a gift, as are the loving relationships that bless our lives.

How are we called to cultivate the gifts given to us by God? Join us as we consider this question that lies at the heart of our discipleship.

Faithful Friendship

Lent | John | 7 Episodes

In his farewell to his apostles in John’s gospel, Jesus says, “I no longer call you servants… but I have called you friends… You did not choose me but I chose you.” Jesus chooses us to be friends. What a blessing! How does this reality impact the ways we relate to one another?

Join us throughout Lent as we consider Christ’s call of friendship and the ways we might deepen our relationships with one another.

God's Tomorrow Today

Revelation | 6 Episodes

What does tomorrow hold? That’s a question we often wonder about. Perhaps a more important question is “Who holds tomorrow?”

The Book of Revelation answers: God holds our tomorrows. How might that provide hope amid our todays?

Out of Control, Into Faith

Prophets | 1 & 2 Kings | 7 Episodes

Ever feel like you’re losing control? Circumstances these days can certainly create such feelings. What if that’s a good thing? What if it helps us realize we never really were as in control as we thought?

In Scripture, God called the prophets to remind both the people and the powers that God was ultimately in control. Two such prophets were Elijah and Elisha. They proclaimed God’s faithfulness amid challenging times, performing amazing miracles and calling people to trust God and not the idols of their day.  What word might they have for us amid the challenges of our times?

Signs & Wonders

Miracles | John | 8 Episodes

Signs are designed to show us the way. John’s gospel details seven signs intended to reveal the nature of God in Christ. They are changing water into wine, healing a royal official’s son, healing a paralytic, feeding the 5,000, walking on water, healing the man born blind, and raising Lazarus from the dead.

Join us as we explore how these signs and other wonders point us to the way that is the truth about life we know in Christ.

The Psalms: Worship 101

Worship | Psalms | 5 Episodes

Why do we worship God? What’s happening when we worship? As Israel’s first prayer book and hymnal, the Psalms offer a glimpse of Israel’s worship life and frame the purpose and intention of our own.

Join us as we dive into the Psalms to explore the “whys” of worship.

What is Work in Progress?

Work in Progress is a seasonal online experience that is very much evolving. The name came out of the idea that we’re all an incomplete project, but that what we are now is not the end result of our life.

By God’s grace, we are all a work in progress. So is our effort here.

We are excited to dive into the digital space to address, question, and wrestle with the works in progress that we and the world are.

Our dream for Work in Progress is to purposefully, powerfully engage God in a digitally native way.

By no means do we have this all figured out, nor do we know what it will look like in a year or two. But there is something fun, liberating, and exciting about that.

Join us in the journey of this work in progress, of our lives, the church, and the world. We know there will be bumps along the way, but who knows where it will lead?