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An inclusive, spirit-filled community of faith in Charlotte, NC.

Who We Are

Myers Park Presbyterian Church is an engaged community of faith, at work throughout Charlotte and around the world. With groups of people putting their collective gifts to good use, our congregation of over 4,500 members feels close and intimate.

Myers Park is a member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the country and a part of the Reformed tradition. We are committed to affirming the dignity and humanity of every person, and strive to create a welcoming environment for all God’s children.

Living Out Love

Claimed by the Love of God in Jesus Christ,
we are called into this community of faith;
living out our love for God
in worship, study, and service;
loving and supporting one another
as we join God’s transforming work
in our city and in the world.

Myers Park Presbyterian Church Mission Statement
Adopted January, 2017

Sunday Mornings

You’re invited. Always.

Sunday Worship is our opportunity to celebrate our connection not only to the body of Christ that is the church, but to God. Glorifying and enjoying God is our highest calling, and worship is the central place we do this.

People arrive at churches for many reasons and come with varied levels of desire for engagement and participation. Some look to “dive right in” and get involved as much as possible. Others prefer to take their time and get to know the rhythms of the church before they plug into anything in particular. We want to honor and accommodate your call no matter where you find yourself on that spectrum.

“You are welcome to come join us in celebrating what has been lost and found. We will eat bread and drink wine and rejoice! We will be singing, laughing, hugging, storytelling, and having a blast.”Camilla Hart (age 8)

Worship Services

Two distinct opportunities.

Celebrate Service

Join us in Oxford Hall for a contemporary worship service.

  • 8:45 & 11 a.m.
  • Oxford Hall
  • Child care available
  • Live Stream

Sanctuary Service

Join us in the Sanctuary for a traditional worship service.

Church Membership

For 90 years this congregation has been an integral part of our community. We are thankful for the new life and new perspectives members bring to this part of the body of Christ that is the Church universal.

Myers Park Presbyterian Church regularly holds new member classes for those discerning a call to join us on this journey of discipleship. Your presence is a blessing to us, and we hope Myers Park Presbyterian Church will be a blessing to you.

Questions? Looking for some more information? Contact Susan Tome, our new member coordinator for class dates and times.

Visit the New Members Page

Find Us

Myers Park Presbyterian Church
2501 Oxford Pl.
Charlotte, NC 28207



Nearly a century ago, a small group of neighbors in the Myers Park neighborhood knocked on doors to invite residents to join a new congregation. They organized themselves into existence and petitioned the Presbytery to issue a charter to establish Myers Park Presbyterian Church in 1926. Today, it is one of the largest churches in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). This church has united as disciples of Christ; the greater the challenge, the better.

Through God, MPPC has supported the creation of Selwyn Avenue and Trinity Presbyterian Churches, helped incubate The Learning Collaborative, launched Crossroads Corporation, and affirmed the work of countless organizations in Charlotte and around the world. We put our feet to our faith and take pride in the things we do with God’s help.

Download a great article about our history or just get the facts.

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