Make an impact and help a child develop enthusiasm for academics!

Why this matters


Myers Park Presbyterian Church is committed to join in the work of building up children and equipping them with what they need to grow and thrive. Our relationship with Billingsville-Cotswold Elementary (BCE) is one that focuses on helping all children to succeed by engaging our disciples as BCE tutors through Augustine Literacy Project and Heart Math Tutoring. 

We know that negative impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic on early childhood education are unavoidable. School closures and distance learning have only compounded the need for individualized, one-on-one tutoring. If we come together, we can give children in our community the support they deserve on their education journey.

 Join Augustine Literacy Project or Heart Math today.  

Augustine Literacy Project  This program’s mission is to improve the reading, writing, and spelling skills of young, aspiring readers in under-resourced communities by providing free, long-term, one-on-one instruction from highly trained tutors. The commitment for ALP includes a 3-day training and a commitment to tutor twice a week throughout the school year (at least 60 sessions).

Click the link below for more information on training and tutoring this school year.

Heart Math Tutoring  This program trains and supports tutors to work one-on-one with a student who needs foundational math skills and confidence in the classroom. The commitment is one hour per week and volunteers work with the same student all year to build relationship and strengthen skills. 

With the support of an on-site coordinator, volunteers use an easy-to-follow, proven curriculum featuring hands-on activities and games.

Click the link below for more information on how to get involved with Heart Math this school year.