Barre Essentials
This class is a safe total body workout that tightens, sculpts, and elongates muscles, flattens abs, tones thighs, and lifts seats to create a beautiful, lean body transformation. This is not a ballet class but we use a ballet bare, with safe and controlled movements to give you strength, better flexibility, and visible results no matter what your fitness level.

Strength and Sculpt
Tone muscle, burn calories, and discover how to defy the aging process. Join us as we use weights, bands, stability and bosu balls, and our bodies as resistance. Ladies, you will not bulk up!

TRX Training/TRX Bootcamp
Take your fitness to the next level. This workout is led by a trained TRX instructor who will help you use your body weight and gravity to increase strength, flexibility, and develop core strength.


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October 7, 2016