20/20/20 – Not currently offered
Blend cardiovascular exercise with strength training and matwork for the ultimate cross-training experience. This class combines 20 minutes of cycling, 20 minutes of strength exercises, and 20 minutes of boot camp and is suitable for all skill levels.

Bootcamp – Not currently offered
Build cardio and muscular endurance while burning calories in this high-intensity class. The fast-paced combination of cardio and strength training exercises is a great way to burn fat, get ultra-fit, and increase your flexibility.

Burn calories with this workout, which combines strength training exercises with cardiovascular intervals to boost your fat-burning opportunities and tone your muscles.

Fit and Fabulous over 50
If our seniorcise class is too easy but the other classes are too challenging, this class is designed especially for you. Get a full body workout with this class beginning with low-impact cardio exercise, then moving into strength training, and ending the class with a rewarding stretch. The movements are moderate but the workout is FABULOUS.

Seniorcise – Not currently offered
Introduce, or reintroduce, yourself to fitness with this low-intensity workout that combines cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility exercises modified to seated positions. This class is perfect for seniors, beginners to exercise, participants with balance issues, or those who are recovering from injury or surgery.


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August 1, 2016