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Mission: To love, disciple, and empower youth to be leaders through faith in Jesus.

Population Served: Boys and young men, ages 6-18, living in the Grier Heights neighborhood

History: The I AM 24/7 movement started in Grier Heights in 2009 with a soccer ball, a bag of candy, and a couple of soccer players from the Charlotte Eagles. They brought a simple message of transformation: “Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life.” The coaches kept coming and the relationships started forming. That message was shared weekly through time together and evolved into these soccer “coaches” moving into the neighborhood.


  • Sports – I AM 24/7 soccer and basketball teams create meaningful relationships between coaches, players, and their families. It also provides the important opportunity to hold every player to academic and behavioral standards at school.
  • Academic Support – Every player is involved in weekly tutoring with coaches and mentors. Staff ban together and make sure every player has transportation to tutoring and academic enrichment activities. Every one of I AM 24/7 high school players will have the opportunity to go on at least one college visit during their freshman and sophomore years.
  • Mentorship – Players do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care. The I AM 24/7 family is filled with coaches, tutors, volunteers, and friends who love well.  And LOVE is spelled… TIME.  Mentorship to 24/7 involves investment in relationships over time.
  • Leadership Development – Once a player turns 16, it isn’t enough to only be involved in our programs, he needs to be helping lead them. The high school students serve as tutors, mentors, and coaches for younger I AM 24/7 youth. Every summer I AM 24/7 high school students participate in a Leadership Development Program designed to provide job training and equip them as leaders in their community.

Service Opportunities

If you would like to learn more about I AM 24/7 and the many ways to support this organization, please click here. Or email Genie Richards, Local Outreach Coordinator at GRichards@myersparkpres.org