Love Builds Up

A Family

Mission: Empower youth, through Jesus, to fulfill their calling and give back to their communities. 

Population Served: Boys and young men, ages 6-18, living in the Grier Heights neighborhood

History: The I AM 24/7 movement started in Grier Heights in 2009 with a soccer ball, a bag of candy, and a couple of soccer players from the Charlotte Eagles. They brought a simple message of transformation: “Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life.” The coaches kept coming and the relationships started forming. 

Approach: Today, there are 6 teams, both soccer and basketball, engaging and coaching youth year-round, providing not only instruction in sport, but tutoring, Bible study, travel experiences, and intentional Leadership Development nearly every week of the year.

How Love Builds Up

Through this partnership there are opportunities for tutoring and mentoring as well as providing lunches or dinners throughout the year following practices or summer sports camp.

 If you would like to engage in Myers Park Presbyterian Church’s partnership with I AM 24/7, please email