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CrossRoads Corporation for Affordable Housing and Community Development

Mission: CrossRoads Corporation for Affordable Housing and Community Development, Inc. is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that through partnerships honors the history and supports the collective vision of rejuvenation, economic stability, healthy living, and educational achievement within the Grier Heights community.

Service Area: The Grier Heights community.

History: In 1886 Sam Billings, a formerly enslaved man, purchased land with the intention of creating a farming community. Over time the neighborhood grew into a popular suburb for families of color. By the 1920s, Grier Heights was home to several of Charlotte’s prominent Black residents, including Arthur Samuel Grier, a funeral-home director for whom the community is named. The community continued to grow into the 1940’s and 50’s. Grier Heights has remained vibrant a vibrant community despite facing inequities such as gentrification, houses being converted to rental property, & other issues that are all-too-familiar to many communities in the Charlotte area. In 2008 MPPC founded CrossRoads, a faith-based, non-profit organization to walk along side the residents of Grier Heights as they navigate these all inner-city inequities. 


CrossRoads is organized around a unique holistic approach to community development and neighborhood preservation in Charlotte’s Grier Heights neighborhood. Instead of focusing on one or two specific problems or issues (housing, homelessness, nutrition, mental/physical health provision, etc.), CrossRoads focuses on providing services and programs for the wide range of critical needs that exist in a high poverty neighborhood such as Grier Heights.

They approach these issues by leveraging a staff of seven employees to bring about systemic change from within the neighborhood through relationship-building and partnerships. As a result of this approach, Their small staff is able to have the footprint, impact, and resulting outcomes of many larger organizations.

CrossRoads’ approach to neighborhood revitalization addresses a full range of critical needs every day with focus on affordable housing and critical home repair; preschool, youth and adult education and enrichment; staffing and operation of the Grier Heights Community Center; and building relationships with and empowering neighborhood residents through fellowship and study. CrossRoads’ leadership achieves large impact by partnering with proven program providers who bring the necessary expertise to address the critical issues serving as barriers to social and economic mobility for Grier Heights residents.


1. Housing – New affordable housing and market rate homes as well as critical home repair for existing housing stock.

2. Youth – Academic support, enrichment, and mentoring offered for all Grier Heights children ages preschool through grade 12.

3. Grier Heights Community Center – The neighborhood focal point for the provision of needed programs and services to all residents.

4. Fellowship – Various programs sponsored by CrossRoads and our faith-based partners to foster fellowship and build relationships between Grier Heights residents and the community at-large.

Service Opportunities:
If you would like to learn more about CrossRoads Corp. and the many ways to support this organization email Patty Arcia, Director of Outreach, at PArcia@myersparkpres.org


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