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Global Mission Team: Congo

Global Mission team to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Mission: Grow in faith while building disciples and deep relationships with Congolese people in the Kasai region. Through various partnerships, improve quality and sustainability of life. Educate members of Congo team, MPPC congregation and community on pertinent issues.

Who We Serve: Families and communities living in the Kasai region of central Congo (Kananga, Tshikaji and Tshitalala).

Our Partners:
Congo Mission Network – a collaboration of churches, organizations, and individuals serving in the Congo.

Christian Medical Institute of the Kasai (IMCK) – a multi-service health complex providing quality medical care and education in Tshikaji.

Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF) – an organization working to equip Presbyterian partners in developing countries to proclaim the gospel through medical ministry.

Presbyterian Church of Congo (CPC) – a church of 2.5 million members actively involved in evangelism, education, health care, women’s ministries and community development.

Why Congo

A vast country with immense economic resources, the DRC has a long history of exploitation, corruption, and conflict. Between 1998 and 2003, the country was at the center of “Africa’s world war”, a five-year conflict that claimed up to six million lives. Despite a peace deal, 2 million Congolese remain internally displaced, child soldiering continues and those living in eastern remain under threat from militias and the army.

  • Ranked 186 out of 187 countries based on overlapping deprivations in health, education and living conditions
  • Known as Lost Generation, 7.3 million Congolese children (1/3 of the population aged 5-17) did not attend school past decade due to work, fighting or displacement. 3.4 million of these were girls.
  • Highest proportion (70%) of undernourished people in world
  • Only 11% of rural areas have access to water

Presbyterian History of Engagement

Since 1891, Congolese & American Presbyterians have established many churches, schools, health centers and community projects in the country.
1889 – American Presbyterian Congo Mission (APCM) established by the Revs. William Sheppard and Samuel Lapsley
1891 – Presbyterian Church of Congo (CPC) founded by the American Presbyterian Congo Mission (APCP)
1950 – MPPC sends first Congo mission team
1954 – Christian Medical Institute of the Kasai (IMCK) founded by American Presbyterian Mission

Current Approach

Education: In partnership with CPC – MPPC has built two model girls’ schools in Kananga (2007) and two in Tshikaji (2013). Based on UNICEF research, schools designed to include English-French bilingual instruction, a library, computer lab and all-women faculty. On-going involvement provides support for school supplies, scholarships, best practices and school board relationships, as well as funding for a mission co-worker position to assist in strengthening educational programs.

Health care: In partnership with IMCK – MPPC supports the Good Shepherd Hospital, including knowledge sharing, physician partnerships and exchanges, a medical training center, a nursing school, residency program and community health programs, such as Tudisha Bana Bimpe (“Let’s feed the children well”), a program providing three meals a day to severely malnourished children. Funds have also contributed to purchase of lab, optical and dental medical equipment; delivery beds and other equipment for maternity patients.

Administration: In partnership with IMCK, assist their board and management with financial & management reporting, sustainable accounting and human resources skills to achieve long-term financial stability and self-sufficiency through funds generated by the hospital and alternant investors.

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October 10, 2016