Love Builds Up

A Home

Mission: Furnish for Good serves our neighbors in need by donating well-loved home furnishings through a unique, empowering experience.

Population Served: Furnish for Good serves all people transitioning from homelessness, poverty, and other dire circumstances.  They serve individuals and families of all races, colors, religions, genders, gender expressions, ages, national origins (ancestry), marital status, sexual orientation, or military status. Furnish for Good is the only Charlotte-area nonprofit organization providing furnishings and household goods to single men and women, as well as, mothers/fathers and their children. Notably, Furnish for Good has recently added as partners Pat’s Place, which coordinates the investigation, treatment and prosecution of the most serious cases of child abuse and Gracious Hands, which serves homeless single mothers.

History: Furnish for Good was founded in 2019 by Charlotte women aiming to give back to their community. What started as an initial conversation has grown to a thriving 501 c-3 non-profit organization committed to resolving issues of economic mobility and inequality through the repurposing of quality furnishings for our neighbors in need.

Approach: Moving beyond simply handing out donated items – Furnish for Good has a showroom located at 3420A St. Vardell Lane. It is there at “mission headquarters” that they deliver their program. FFG staff and dedicated volunteers arrange donated furnishings and household items in room settings as well as build cooking, dining, bedding and bath packages. Their partner agencies regularly refer families and individuals in need of their services known to us as their “clients”. Every client, along with their Case Worker/Family Advocate, visits the showroom (in person or online) to select their furnishings and household goods. Once their items are selected their professional moving team places their furnishings onto their truck and moves them with care and love into their clients’ homes.

How Love Builds Up

Through this partnership there are opportunities for you to volunteer at the Furnish for Good warehouse and donate home furnishings.

Monthly Volunteer Opportunity

Third Wednesdays | 9-11 a.m.
Each month, a group of up to six disciples are invited to volunteer at the Furnish for Good warehouse. Tasks are subject to the needs of the week.

Volunteers must sign and bring this waiver with them when they come to volunteer.

Donate Furnishings

Another way to support our partner is by donating furnishings. Please select items that are in good condition without rips, tears, stains, pet hairs, pet/tobacco odors, excessive wear or structural damage.

If you would like to engage further, please email