After Myers Park Presbyterian Church and the Congolese Presbyterian Church (CPC) collaborated to build Dipa dia Nzambi, the girls’ school in Kananga, the CPC through their own initiative developed Lycee Dipa, a secondary school for girls, using the same facilities funded by MPPC.

The CPC announced that the students who started in this school four years ago have ALL (100%!) passed their national exams and now have the equivalent of a high school diploma! According to Gwenda Fletcher, our Presbyterian mission co-worker in Congo, the Congolese Presbyterian Church is “bustin’ their buttons” over this accomplishment.

In addition to funding construction costs of the school, MPPC played a vital role in this achievement by providing textbooks, teacher training, computers, sewing machines to the school and continues to provide ongoing support and advice for both of these schools. With God’s help, this relationship has grown and flourished with our brothers and sisters in Congo.