We have had so much fun so far in Cuba and have made so many memories and I know there are many more to come as we continue through our week! I was kind of nervous about the language barrier and how it would be interacting with others on this trip but it has been an amazing experience and we as a church have felt so welcomed by the whole Cuban community. -Charlotte Butler

I have experienced lots of love from the community despite the tense relationship between our two countries. They welcomed us like we were family, I’ve kissed more people in Cuba than in the United States, but it’s a sacred kiss. The loving culture has challenged me to think about what my life will be like in the future. This trip will totally change who I am. -Spencer Wellons

This trip is such an enlightening journey. I have made many new relationships with new people and have seen God working through them. The Cuban community has welcomed us into their loving arms and it has truly been an amazing experience so far. -William Sharrett

I have a new home in Cuba with my new parents Juanita and Felipe. I met juanita when I sat with her at sunday morning church worship and had a very good conversation with her despite the language barrier. I also had another very good conversation with her while sitting at dinner and she invited me to visit her home and meet her husband. She told me that her house was my house and we laughed a lot. She said i was welcome at her home anytime despite meeting me that same morning. Her home is historic, having been used as a military school for Batista. Juanita then told me she saw me as a second son and she is one of my favorite people, -Scott Okel