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Work in Progress

A worship experience that embraces both the rough edges and the deep promise of life in God.

Worship designed for screens and released weekly on Sunday morning.

Online Worship for January 23, 2022

“Do you want to be made well?” This is what Jesus asks the man by the pool at Bethsaida. Join us as we dive deeper into this third miracle in John and consider how might we respond to this question.

Work in Progress is presented this week by Rev. Dr. John Magnuson, Rev. Savannah Demuynck, Cameron Moore, and Rev. Dr. Lisa Hickman. Production by Nathan Culberson.

“You Found Me” is an original song by Cameron Moore

What is Work in Progress?

Work in Progress is a weekly online worship experience that is very much evolving. The name came out of the idea that we’re all an incomplete project, but that what we are now is not the end result of our life.

By God’s grace, we are all a work in progress. So is our effort here.

We are excited to dive into the digital space to address, question, and wrestle with the works in progress that we and the world are.

Our dream for Work in Progress is to purposefully, powerfully worship God in a digitally native way.

By no means do we have this all figured out, nor do we know what it will look like in a year or two. But there is something fun, liberating, and exciting about that.

Join us in the journey of this work in progress, of the worship service, our lives, the church, and the world. We know there will be bumps along the way, but who knows where it will lead?

The forum

This space is for you. Really. We want you to have some agency in what this becomes. We’re learning here too, and need your participation and input.

It’s just a Google Doc. Add your questions or ideas and we’ll only moderate if necessary.

Does this space need moderation? Let us know or dive in to edit.