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Upcoming Youth Trips


As we get more information about each of our trips, we will add them here! Get excited.

 February 18-21, 2022 (FILLED)

Cost: $325

Middle School Youth

Spend a long weekend with us in the Park City area of Charleston.  We’ll go with Charleston Youth Mission where we’ll learn about one of the oldest cities in the country and it’s rich history as well as it’s current situation.  From slavery to today’s racial-economic disparity, we will look at the common threads, serve our neighbors, and reflect on God’s call for justice and equity for all.

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Email ABillings@myersparkpres.org with questions.

June 12-17, 2022

Cost: $700

Middle School Youth

We’re heading to the Heifer Global Village at Shepherd’s Spring in Sharpsburg, MD for the week!  Join us for this immersive trip where we’ll learn about other cultures, the world issues of hunger and poverty, and spend a night experiencing what it’s like to live in another country.  We’ll also have time for teambuilding, fun, and learning new skills like firebuilding!

We’ll take the train from Charlotte to Washington DC and charter a bus for the remainder of the trip.  We hope youth grow to better understand how to become a world traveler and not just a tourist on this trip.


Email ABillings@myersparkpres.org with questions.


Current 9th-12th graders

People walk the Camino de Santiago for many different reasons: religious, adventurous, spiritual, for the outdoors, or simply to check this off their bucket list. It is often used to help navigate a transition in their life as one moves from one significant time in their life to another. We believe adolescence is an ideal transition as our young people move from childhood to being young adults or maybe that transition is moving into high school or preparing for college. 

The Camino can mean very different things to different people but there is one thing that binds all Camino pilgrims together: it is a very unique experience, a pilgrimage like no other.

Cost: $3400 includes flight, hotels, morning and evening meals.  The only cost each day will be lunch along our route each day and any coffee breaks.

COVID: Once we arrive in the first town of TUI, we will not get on any form of transportation until we return. We will be outside walking, eating at outside restaurants, and staying in established hotels.  We believe that this is a very safe trip but will take the necessary precautions needed to make it extra safe for our pilgrims.


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July 7-11, 2022

Cost: $525

Middle School Youth

Transform your faith journey with hundres of other middle schoolers from around the country at this weekend long middle school conference in Massanetta Springs, VA.  Every aspect of this conference is crafted with middler schoolers in mind.  Recreation, encounter groups, workships and worship are inspiring and fun!

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Email ABillings@myersparkpres.org with questions.

July 16-23, 2022

Cost: $850

High School Youth

Montreat Youth Conference clears space for encounting God, enabling high school youth to discover and deepen a vibrant and durable faith in Jesus Christ.  It is a unique gathering of Presbyterian young people from all over the counry for a week of study, worship, and recreation.

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Refund Policy:
All trip deposits are non-refundable.  You may pay additional payments for each trip at any time.  Final payments for trips are due on April 1st and there will be no refunds after that date since our final payemts to vendors are made at that time.