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Year in the Bible for Children

Do you find yourself reading the same bedtime stories over and over? Children love repetition, so in this plan they will read the same three stories every day for the week to help the stories and themes sink in. Perhaps you can read a story in the morning and two at night, or all after dinner or before bed. Find a rhythm that works for you! This plan is best suited for newborn to 2nd grade and follows the Spark Story Bible.

To help the stories sink in, try the following:

  • Monday – Act out the story
  • Wednesday – Draw a picture from the story
  • Friday – Have children share their favorite part of the story

For children 3rd grade and up, find a routine that works for you. 

  • Follow the Spark Story Bible Plan for children
  • Parents read out loud to children following the adult plan
  • Take turns reading between parents and children