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Mission: Serve as an interfaith organization dedicated to bringing the community together to end homelessness, one life at a time.

Population Served: Charlotte’s homeless neighbors.

History: UMC opened its doors in 1994 as a result of uptown congregations and businesses partnering to address the needs of the poor and homeless with compassion. The Soup Kitchen, which had been operating since 1979 at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, moved to UMC at this time, and in 2006, UMC expanded services and moved into its current location. In 2012, UMC opened Moore Place, Charlotte’s first Housing First model for the chronically homeless, and according to a 2014 study, saved the community $1.8 million in its first year by drastically reducing the amount of time its tenants spent in emergency rooms and admitted to hospitals.

Approach: UMC‘s services are specifically designed to be available with minimal or no barriers. The soup kitchen provides a daily meal but also serves as an entry point to the continuum of services available through UMC and Homeless Services Network. Clients can meet basic needs, receive counseling and support groups and participate in enrichment programs such as art, music, and sports. During winter months, Room in the Inn accommodates over 17,000 homeless men women and children through a network of partnerships with faith organizations including MPPC.

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Service Opportunities

Primary Contacts: Richard Darlington, 704-534-0223 or rdarlington43@gmail.com. Carl McPhail, 704-904-5037 or cmcphail1@icloud.com.

Upper Room: Lead a 30-minute devotional after lunch for a small group of homeless men and women. Any day, October 3rd through October 7th and November 28 through December 2nd at 12:00 p.m. Over 18. Very little preparation required as participants are eager to discuss the chosen scripture or topic. Contact Carl at 704-904-5037 or cmcphail1@icloud.com if you are interested.

Room in the Inn Service Opportunities

About: Since 1996, the Urban Ministry Center has partnered with colleges and congregations of many faiths to open their facilities to provide shelter and food for homeless people during the winter months, December – March.

Each site offers a warm, safe place to sleep, serves three meals (dinner, breakfast and bag lunch) and then returns guests the following morning to uptown Charlotte. The program offers a unique way for people of faith to become directly involved with individuals who are homeless.

Primary Contacts: David Cunningham at david.cunningham@southstatebank.com and Alfred Hamilton at alfred.hamilton@bofa.com

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