Love Builds Up

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Our Mission

To engage in a relationship with the Bududa Learning Center in Bududa, Uganda that allows MPPC disciples to engage in relational ministry with each other and residents of Bududa and to provide financial and faith-based support and encouragement to the Ugandans who benefit from these programs and the Ugandans who facilitate them as well.

Our Partner

Bududa Learning Center

Bududa Learning Center operates a vocational school (Bududa Vocational Academy) and an orphan support program (Children of Bududa). Such programs are strengthening the Bududa community by providing a safe environment for children to have access to quality education and nutritional support. Bududa Vocational Academy provides the Bududa community with access
to job training for people who have been left behind by the traditional education system, at a time in their lives when stable employment is about to become critical and for many has seemed completely unattainable. Children of Bududa feeds and nurtures children who otherwise wouldn’t have enough to eat, much less be able to pay to attend school.

How Love Builds Up

Myers Park Presbyterian’s relationship with Uganda began in 2016. Through this ministry, MPPC disciples have the opportunity to travel to Uganda, interact via letters with the children our church supports, and provide support and encouragement directly to the staff and faculty who run these programs in Bududa. 


Partnership Highlights
  • More than 20 MPPC disciples (on five total trips) have traveled to Bududa during the first four years of this partnership
  • MPPC has assisted in the development of a long term strategic plan for Bududa Learning Center and has two members on its Board
  • While unable to travel during the height of COVID, this ministry has focused on responding to urgent needs in the Bududa community resulting from COVID-related government shutdowns of schools, transportation, and public markets.


If you would like to learn more about MPPC’s partnership in Uganda or join MPPC’s Uganda ministry team, please email