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Mission: Provide a tuition-free, high quality preschool education to at-risk families through a unique partnership with students, families, parents, staff and community.

Population Served: Preschool aged children of low-income families.

History: TLC was the result of a 2010 merger between Seigle Avenue Preschool (1986) and the Community Weekday School (1984). Both schools served children at-risk for academic failure from fragile, low-income families and neighborhoods and held a five star license and NAEYC accreditation. TLC combines 49 years of educating young children, and their pre-school graduates see an 84% skills gain throughout the school year. MPPC started by funding, enrolling for 16 GH students, and transporting, and funding for a new bus. Today, TLC is in the process of re-locating to 8,060 square foot former shopping center dedicated site in the Grier Heights neighborhood allowing for 30 more students. Community commitment to serving low-income children. Get back to roots of being a neighborhood center, benefit families. Moved three times in 25 years.

Approach: A tuition-free school, TLC helps at-risk preschool students improve their skills, bringing closer to level of more advantaged children across country. Parents work together to overcome at-risk beginnings through early educational intervention, paving the way for success in kindergarten and beyond. TLC provides transportation, hot meals, speech language and literacy development, and intensive family support. TLC also coaches parents to participate in their child’s education as both teacher and advocate, and are required to spend 7 hours a month volunteering in school.


Service Opportunities

Teacher’s Helper: Build relationships with teachers and students. Join the team of disciples that provides classroom assistance to help students develop a love of learning and prepare for kindergarten.

Primary Contact: Local Mission Coordinator, Savanah Warren, 704-816-7294, swarren@myersparkpres.org 

Learn more here: http://www.tlccharlotte.org/