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Stories Worth Telling

An opportunity to tell your story of faith, life, & hope.

As Easter people, we remember, celebrate, and live out the hope of the resurrection.

Intertwined with the crucifixion of Good Friday, the story of resurrection beautifully holds together pain and joy, normal moments in life mixed with the unexpected, the mundane with the unexplainable, human sin and divine grace. It is through resurrection that death has been broken and new life has seeped into all areas of creation.

This resurrection story is a holy one, a transformative one: it is a story worth telling.

Consider a story that you'd like to share.

These stories can be about the church, your childhood, the joys and pains of life, and anything in between, for it is all of these people, places, and spaces that have been redeemed in Jesus’s resurrection. We will gather these stories and share them with our church community as a witness to Christ’s resurrection which leads us through death and into new life.

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Step 1 – Choose a Prompt

Consider the prompts below, do they evoke a story you desire to tell? Who might you like to interview, or tell a story with? Or would you like to tell your story alone?

Step 2 – Map It Out

Once you have decided what story you’d like to tell, take some time to map it out. What points or themes do you want to highlight. What image helps you illustrate this story? How will you begin? How will you wrap it up? Try to keep the story between 4-6 minutes – shorter is okay too!

Tip: Grab a pen & paper to map out your story. This can help you while you’re recording later!

If you need some more help, check out the questions listed in Step 2 of the PDF.

Step 3 – Tell Your Story

Now you’re ready to sign up to tell your story! Choose how you’d like to record your story: at the church or from home.

At the Church:  After you sign up, you will be able to choose a time to come to the church and record your story. More instructions will be available when you come in to record.

From Home: Use a voice recording app on your phone or computer to record your story. There are lots of great apps out there, but here are two options (with instructions):

Once you have your recording, please send it to hello@myersparkpres.org.

Tell Your Story