Love Builds Up

A Home

Mission: Provide recuperative care place for people who are homeless and in need of short-term care following a hospital or emergency room stay.

Population Served: Homeless men and women following a hospital or emergency room stay.

History: Samaritan House was first conceived in 2003 by two women responding to “Living in the Shadows,” a work commissioned by the Mecklenburg County Commission to identify the needs of homeless people living in Mecklenburg County. Eight individuals formed a mission team and in 2005 SH received its first recuperating guests. Since then, SH has served 1200 overnight guests and 80% did not return to the streets, shelters or hospitals after completing the SH program.

Approach: SH emphasizes the gospel values of love, dignity, respect and welcoming inclusion. They provide short-term recuperative care for homeless men and women following a hospital or emergency room stay. In addition to food and shelter, guests are provided fellowship through partnerships with local churches and organizations, as well as transportation for medical needs, resource information for employment, housing and other social services.

How Love Builds Up

Through this partnership there are opportunities to provide meals, spend time with residents, and provide guests with transportation to doctor’s appointments and/or to run errands around town (pharmacy, Walmart, etc.).

If you would like to engage in Myers Park Presbyterian Church’s partnership with Samaritan House, please email