Responding to Tragedy

Prayer based on a quote from Mr. Rogers combined with Psalm 23:

The Lord is my helper, who always takes care of me, so I can go to sleep at night;
a helper who leads me to safe places, who helps me laugh and be glad,
who guides me along the right paths when I get lost.
Even though I am in a scary place, I don’t have to be afraid because you,
helper God, are with me, and with your directions and care I feel better.
You invite me to sit at your table even when other people
make fun of me and leave me out.
You send people to give me good hugs and I feel happy.
Surely the Lord will send good and kind helpers to be there all through my life,
and I will always feel God’s presence and God’s peace.
– Mary Jane Cornell

When facing a tragedy, we each deal with our emotions differently. Use this resource to think about how you might wade through your emotions.



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July 18, 2016