Prayer Time

Use this time together as a tool to promote and practice faith practices!

Gratitude journal. Start a notebook and place in a designated location. invite each family member to write their reflections of gratitude daily. Try not to duplicate. This will help ease anxiety during changing schedules and keep our spirits positive.

Family Devotional “Pandemic Hope: A Family Devotional for life during COVID-10”. Download for free here.

Meditation and Mindfulness practices from Sarah Bessey.

Prayer Ideas from Vibrant Faith (click on Image for higher resolution)

Watch this video as a family. Pray about it and discuss your reflections or what caught your attention.

Be intentional about your music choices! Music can be key in managing moods and sharing a common ground as a family. Regardless of musical taste, dedicate a moment to listen to the same playlist as a family. Here are some Spotify playlists (search for the name) curated by the Salt Project on their Guide to Self-Care for families together at Home : 

  • Focus Flow
  • Chill Hits
  • Spotify Orchestra
  • This is Taize
  • Peaceful Choral Music by Living Composers
  • Yoga – playlist of the Month
  • Under the Stars

Check out our youth sharing their Gratitudes on the MPPC Youth Instagram Story. If your youth would like to participate, send me a video!

5 finger prayer: Developed by Pope Francis, this prayer practice assigns each finger something to pray for. The thumb is for those closest to us. The index finger for those who teach, instruct and heal us. The middle finger, our tallest, is for our leaders. The ring finger, our weakest, for those who are weak. The pinky is for ourselves. Here’s a coloring bookmark from Illustrated Children’s Ministry to learn about it while being crafty.

A contemplative walk is an invitation to slow down and spend time in the outdoors enjoying God’s amazing creation! Here are more than 10 cards to keep you company in your next family walk (click on image to see the rest of cards!)


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August 10, 2020