Faith Formation


  Dates & Time

Resumes Sept. 10, 2023

Sundays | 9 – 9:50 a.m.



(704) 927-1245


Gain a deeper understanding of your faith and its impact on your daily life in this class that is open to all adults. There are often outside speakers as well as MPPC clergy and staff who present. Topics range from faith journeys and Christianity expressed through art to current issues and what we have in common with other religions. There is also time set aside for service and fellowship outside of class.

Below is the Fall 2023 curriculum:

9/10                     We’re Back!

                             Phyllis and Bill Gill


   9/17        The Story of Christianity as Told

                     Through North Carolina Frescoes

                               Jim Walters


     9/24      Joint Class- Sermon Series:

                        What’s Mine is Yours

                               Joe Clifford


10/2         Reflections on a Sabbatical

                               Joe Clifford


10/8             Reflections on Israel

                              John Magnuson


10/15              Lessons Learned

                                  Jim Kothe


     10/22        Joint Class- Sermon Series:

                          “Courageous Journey”

                                Hadia Mubarak


     10/29    Faith and Mental Health: Hand in Hand

                           Allison Messick-Watkins


 11/5      Joint Class-Sermon Series: Unlikely Leaders

                               Patty Arcia


     11/12      The Role of the College Chaplain Today

                                Adrian Bird


11/19              Teacher’s Choice

                                  Liz Corsig


 12/ 3      Visual Presentations of the Annunciation

                                  Jennifer Osburn


12/10      Introducing our New Resident Pastor

                                               Erin Tolar



12/18      Joint Class- Sermon Series: Dream On

                                               Julie Hester