Disunity in Christ

with Dr. Christena Cleveland

We were blessed to host Dr. Christena Cleveland in October 2020. In preparation for her visit, we read her book Disunity in Christ together. See below for our reading guides and recordings from her time at MPPC!

Reading Schedule & Discussion Videos

Sunday Morning Conversation

Dr. Cleveland introduced her book Disunity in Christ, examined the natural forces which separate us, and gave suggestions for how we may overcome those divides.

A Practical Spirituality of Being Last

In the Book of Matthew, Jesus’ vision of a healed world requires that “the last shall be first and the first shall be last.” Practically speaking, how does someone who holds privilege in our society begin to embrace their calling as “last”? And what type of spiritual formation is necessary in order for us to truly relinquish the social power we hold and support the empowerment of others? Drawing from social psychology, practical theology, and body wisdom training, Dr. Cleveland guided us through practices and principles that will energize our anti-racism efforts.