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Disunity in Christ

with Dr. Christena Cleveland
Sunday School Conversation

September 20 | 10 a.m. | Zoom

Dr. Cleveland will introduce her book Disunity in Christ as she examines the natural forces which separate us and gives suggestions for how we may overcome those divides. We will have time to hear about Dr. Cleveland’s experiences which have influenced her life as she helps give pointers on how to overcome the divides in our world. There will also be time for questions with Dr. Cleveland.

Evening Event: A Practical Spirituality of Being Last

September 20 | 7 p.m. | Livestream

In the Book of Matthew, Jesus’ vision of a healed world requires that “the last shall be first and the first shall be last.” Practically-speaking, how does someone who holds privilege in our society begin to embrace their calling as “last”? And what type of spiritual formation is necessary in order for us to truly relinquish the social power we hold and support the empowerment of others? Drawing from social psychology, practical theology and body wisdom training, Dr. Cleveland will guide us through practices and principles that will energize our anti-racism efforts.

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Christena Cleveland

Dr. Cleveland is a social psychologist, public theologian, and author whose work focuses on justice and renewal. In her book Disunity in Christ, Dr. Cleveland examines the forces which tend to separate us, and leads us to consider how we may work to overcome that which tries to divide. Even as Christians (especially as Christians) who are called to love one another, we have a lot to learn about the hard work of remaining united as one.

Follow-Up Engagement Opportunities
Book Discussion Groups

If you are already in a fellowship or book group, consider watching this talk together as a group and using this as your resource for October. Disunity in Christ can be purchased online here. We will make additional resources available weekly from September 27 – October 25. If you would like to join a book discussion group please see below for groups to join in with.

Reading Schedule

Speaker and Group Discussion on Race and Mission

Join us for four weeks of presentations and group discussion on “Race and God’s Mission”. This series is presented by Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (PTS) and sponsored by our Adult Faith Formation Council. Click here for more information on the PTS website (no need to register through PTS, we’ve already registered as a church). The series will be live on Wednesdays in October at 7:30pm, with other meeting times as well to watch the recordings and discuss. See below for group and meeting times.

Speaker Schedule

  • Oct. 7: “Unlearning the Habits of Slaveholder Religion” Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
  • Oct. 14: “Crossing Cultures, Building Bridges” Brenda Salter McNeil
  • Oct. 21: “Where Do We Go From Here?” Brenda Salter McNeil and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
  • Oct. 28: “Keys for Allies to Use Their Superpowers: The Role of Vulnerability and Compassion in Anti-Racism Effectiveness” David Campt