The resources below will give you an idea of how CROSS approaches doing mission and teaching what it means to serve our neighbors in the name of Christ. Some are written by CROSS staff, others have been shared with us by our partner agencies and used in our program. Others are just stuff we love and want to share with you! 

Walls to Windows Curriculum

The Walls to Windows curriculum is available now for purchase. It can be used for weeks of Sunday School, Youth Group, and Small Group material.

Walls To Windows is a curriculum that was created by Rev. Erika Funk during the summer of 2020 and is designed to address urban social justice issues from a faith-based perspective. In addition to content to be used in a class or small-group setting, it also includes a CROSS Missions energizer and the legendary devotion by Freddie Sherrill! It includes modules that are entirely virtual, hybrid and in person. 

Shout out to CROSS Missions for the incredible curriculum this summer! We just wrapped our 2 days talking about equity and hunger and the middle school youth LOVED it. The “take home” projects are getting them thinking and involving the family. It was perfect! I look forward to using the curriculum again with my high schoolers.

– Rev. Jordan Davis
Youth Minister at Kirk of Kildare in Cary, NC

Email Erika for your free sample today!

Budget Challenge

The budget challenge is an educational exercise that requires participants to consider the challenges of meal planning and shopping on a limited financial budget. This activity allows participants who have not experienced food insecurity first-hand to empathize with people who are living with poverty.

Smarties Challenge

Originally shared with us by Crisis Assistance Ministry, this small group exercise invites participants to imagine making difficult choices such as whether to pay rent or buy diapers, go to the doctor or buy groceries. It provides insight into how challenging and stressful it can be to live in poverty. 

Examples of Verbal and NonVerbal Microaggressions

 Microagressions are behaviors or actions that communicate some kind of bias toward historically marginalized people. They can be intentional but are often unintentional messages, interactions or behaviors that can be blatant or subtle. Over time, these behaviors, even small ones, can  produce trauma, occasionally leading to anxiety, depression and other health issues. It is important for non-marginalized people to understand and prevent microagressions.     

CROSS Missions Glossary

Expanding our vocabulary not only improves dialogue but it can also create more comfortable and welcoming conversations. Over the years, we’ve collected words that help us in God’s justice work.                                             

These written resources have been foundational to the mission of CROSS.


The Barefoot Way by Dori Baker
Fearless Dialogues by Gregory C. Ellison II
Serving With Eyes Wide Open by David Livermore
When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert
Worldchanging 101 by David LaMotte
A Riff of Love by Greg Jarrell