Children’s Sunday School

2023-2024 School Year


We will gather on Sunday mornings from 9-9:45 a.m. for faith formation, fun, and encouragement. This fall, we will gather in the B-building.


Age Group Indoor Location Outdoor Location 
3’s and 4’s B106 Middle Playground
TK and Kindergarten B102 Middle Playground
1st grade B006 Big Playground
2nd and 3rd grade B003 Big Playground
4th and 5th grade B004 Big Playground


We are excited to use the Follow Me curriculum this year, which is based on practices Jesus did and taught us to do as faithful followers. Written for people who wish to live out their faith, this curriculum examines where these practices are found in the Bible and how they have been used in Christian faith then and now.


September 10-October 1, 2023 Practice Generosity
  • Share resources
  • Share Wisdom
  • Share Justice
  • Share Power
October 8-29, 2023 Pray
  • Pray from the Heart
  • Pray with Persistence and Humility
  • Pray With and For Others
  • Pray With Your Whole Heart

November 5-November 26, 2023

(All Church Retreat 11/5)

*No Sunday School for Thanksgiving Holiday (November 20 & 27)

Honor Sabbath
  • Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy!
  • Rest and Remember God

December 3-17, 2023

*No Sunday School on Christmas & New Year’s Day (December 25 & January 1)

Advent (GO TELL!)
  • Special Announcement: Good News!
  • (Good) News Flash!
  • Joy to the World AND Go Tell!
January 7-28, 2024 Honor Sabbath/Forgive
  • Go Out With Joy
  • Taste! See! Hear! Smell!
  • Recognize Wrongs
  • Receive God’s Forgiveness
February 4-25, 2024 Forgive/Love God, Neighbor, Enemy
  • Forgive Others
  • Build a Bridge
  • Love Extravagantly
  • Serve a Stranger
  • Show Mercy

March 3-April 28, 2024

*No Sunday School on Easter (March 31)

Love God, Neighbor, Enemy/Palm Sunday/ Easter/ Make Peace
  • Show Mercy
  • Sash Another’s Feet
  • Be Courageous
  • Palm Sunday/Easter lesson
  • Peacemakers Know Peace
  • Peacemakers Take a Step Back
  • Peacemakers to Understand Others
  • Peacemakers are Brace
May 5-May 19, 2024 Sing a New Song
  • Sing Freedom!
  • Sing in Times of Sadness
  • Sing New Creation