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Children’s Sunday School

What’s the Plan?

Our curriculum for the winter/spring will be The Beatitudes: An Illustrated Curriculum. The Beatitudes are part of the Sermon on the Mount that we can read about in the book of Matthew chapter 5. These are essentially short, but powerful descriptions of what it looks like to live life God’s way.  During our study, we will read Bible stories, engage with the stories creatively, reflect on questions that will use their imaginations, and work on coloring sheets that will be shared digitally each week. Based on the results of the survey that many of you responded to, we will host a combination of Zoom classes and pre-recorded video lessons while church services remain virtual.

Zoom Classes

To keep us connected and in community, we will periodically host Zoom Sunday School classes. We hope that you can help your children to log in and enjoy the lesson led by one of their amazing Sunday School teachers and to enjoy seeing their church friends. We’ll play Zoom games, get to know one another, and learn about God’s word. The Zoom links will be shared through email, published in Connect, and also be posted below. 

9:45 a.m.10:15 a.m.
Threes, Fours, and JK/TK
Kindergarten, First and Second Grade
Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade

Videos – Links Below in Curriculum Calendar!

Zoom-fatigue is real, so we will be providing video lessons for your children to watch at a time that is convenient for your family. We hope that you will take time on the Sunday School video dates to print the Illustrated Ministry coloring sheet and to watch and learn along with familiar faces from our church family!

Curriculum Overview

DateLessonFamily Page and Coloring SheetVideo or Zoom Class
January 101 – To Be BlessedPrintZoom 
January 17
(MLK weekend)
2- The BeatitudesPrintVideo
January 24
(Also 2nd Grade Prayer Workshop)
3-Blessed Are the Poor in SpiritPrintVideo
January 31
(3rd Grade Bible #1)
4-Blessed Are Those Who MournPrintZoom
February 7
(3rd Grade Bible #2)
5- Blessed Are the MeekPrintVideo
February 146- Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and ThirstPrintVideo
February 21
(3rd Grade Bible #3)
7- Blessed Are the MercifulPrintZoom
February 28
(3rd Grade Bible #4)
8-Blessed Are the Pure in HeartPrintVideo
March 7
(3rd Grade Bible Presentation)
9- Blessed Are the PeacemakersPrintVideo
March 14 Lent StudyVideo
March 21Lent StudyPrintVideo
March 28
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday
Easter Story Told by our First Grade Friends!
April 4
Easter No Sunday School
April 11Sharing our Faith Stories
FISH: Faith in Sharing
April 1810- Blessed Are Those Who Are PersecutedPrintVideo
April 2511- Blessed Are You When…PrintVideo
May 2
12- Coming Down the MountainPrintVideo 

While we wish that we could all be together at church, we certainly hope that in the interim this plan will provide your children with meaningful Bible lessons and a way to feel connected to our church family. We are so grateful to our Sunday School leadership team, Carter Stone and Lauren Walker, and to all of the Sunday School teachers! Please reach out with questions or feedback. 

Carter Stone – teaguecarter@gmail.com
Lauren Walker – laurenwalker1010@gmail.com


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July 26, 2016