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Children and Tragedy

When a tragedy happens, particularly one that makes national news, parents often ask for help in talking about it with their children. Below are some links to helpful resources.

Empowering Children to Feel Safer in a Sometimes Scary World. (From Presbyterian Psychological Services)

Helping Children to Cope. (Written about the 2010 events in Tucson (From the Presbyterian Church, USA)

Tragic Events in the News (From Fred Rogers)

Talking to Children Following the Boston Marathon Bombing….and Listening (From the United Methodist Church)

Explaining the News to Our Kids (From Common Sense Media, with age suggestions)

Click here to download more: Talking_with_Children_about_a_Tragedy_Resources_List

Collection of resources for families to do anti-racism work: Anti Racism Resources for Families from Forming Faithful Families

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August 4, 2016