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Charlotte Rescue Mission


Mission: Charlotte Rescue Mission is transforming lives in the name of Christ by serving people struggling with addiction, poverty, or hopelessness with the goal of returning them to society as productive, self-sufficient citizens. 

Population Served: At-risk men and women struggling with chemical dependence.

History: Since 1938, Charlotte Rescue Mission has been a leader in providing free Christian-based residential recovery programs for both men and women as they struggle with drug and alcohol dependency. While many 12-Step programs refer to a “higher power,” Charlotte Rescue Mission programs are specifically focused on Christ, a fact which they believe contributes to a completion rate of more than twice the national average, as well as long-term sobriety among their clients. 

Approach: Serving as a leader in providing Christian-based residential recovery programs, CRM’s approach is to lead with love, serve with gratitude and act with humility. Their residential recovery programs, for both women and men, empower individuals to achieve long-term sobriety, find employment, stable housing, and restore and build healthy relationships –thus moving beyond the cycles of homelessness and addiction to becoming healthy and whole. Programs for both men and women start at 120 days, rather than the standard 30 or 60 days found in other residential addiction treatment centers. 

For men, the Rebound program offers a residential treatment program on West First Street. Dove’s Nest serves women at their West Blvd facility, and in many cases, the women have their children living onsite with them. Both programs focus on spiritual, physical, social, and psychological recovery to help clients understand and deal with the core issues of their addictions. Additionally, CRM operates a popular coffee shop, connected to the Rebound campus, which provides vocational training and employment experience to their clients.


Service Opportunities

If you would like to learn more about Charlotte Rescue Mission and the many ways to support this organization, please click here. Or email Genie Richards, Local Outreach Coordinator at GRichards@myersparkpres.org