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The word of God, beautifully brought to life by the Bible Project.

Today’s Reading:

members of MPPC have embarked on a year-long Bible-reading journey for 2021.

Although we began on January 1, all are welcome to join at any time by registering to the right. We will use your email to communicate with you about changing quarterly celebrations, prayer partners, and discipleship events.

Spend quality time alone with God’s Word this year and come together with one another and our Pastors in understanding the Biblical texts more deeply.



Reading scripture in community is twice as fun and twice as formative! If you choose, you will be paired with a prayer partner quarterly for the year ahead, providing you with encouragement, prayer, and someone to share thoughts and questions with. Prayer partners will be given monthly resources for connecting. Be sure to sign up using the form above!

Percent of Bible read:

Use the Read Scripture App

Read on your phone in the app, track your progress, watch videos, and get daily reminders sent to your phone.

Use Your Bible

If you prefer, you can participate using your own Bible, follow the reading plan linked below or in your Year in the Bible booklet.

Current Book: Matthew

Jesus & the Kingdom

The reading plan is divided into 16 sections. Check back here for videos from the congregation introducing each new theme. If you would like to provide a theme introduction video, please email Savannah Demuynck.

Selected Resource:

How to Read the Bible

Weekly Bible Check-Ins

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Join us weekly for an opportunity to ask questions and think together about the texts covered during our year in the Bible. Join at the date and time below or watch recorded sessions as they become available.

Zoom ID for all sessions: 956 0186 9626



Have a question about the reading? Use the button below to submit your questions to a pastor, who will periodically answer them in video.

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Grounding Prayers and Guiding Questions

As you read through scripture, use the prayers and questions provided by our pastors as guidance along the journey (click the boxes to expand).


Opening your Word, O Lord, we pray you would open us. Open our ears to hear, our minds to see, and our hearts to receive your word to us this day, through the Word made flesh we pray. Amen. (provided by Joe Clifford)

Loving God, still my mind, calm my heart, open my eyes to see your word more clearly that I may come to find you in the world among me. Amen. (provided by John Magnuson)

O Lord, as I read, may the words of scripture read me. Read my life and shape it according to your will. Amen. (provided by Millie Snyder)

Ever-present God, fill this time with your Spirit. Minimize my distractions so that I am open to hear your holy Word. Amen.
(provided by Savannah Demuynck)

O God,
let something essential happen to me,
something more than interesting
or entertaining,
or thoughtful.
May your word be meaningful,
and powerful,
and tender.
Let something essential happen to me.
O God,
let something essential happen to me,
something awesome,
something real.
Speak to my condition, Lord,
and change me somewhere inside where it matters,
a change that will burn and tremble and heal
and explode me into tears
or laughter or love that throbs or screams
or keeps its terrible, cleansing silence
and dares the dangerous deeds.
Let something happen in me which is my real self, God.
Ted Loder
(provided by Ben Brannan)


What does this passage say about who God is?
What does this passage say about who we are?
What does this passage say about how we are to engage with each other and the world?
(provided by John Magnuson)

What about this passage gives me hope or reassurance?
What about this passage troubles me?
What about this passage disrupts me or challenges the way I live?
Who would hear good news in this?
If it’s a narrative, I envision myself as different characters in the story and then ask what I experience from each perspective. Am I tempted to be the “good guy” in the story? What if I’m not?
(provided by Millie Snyder)

What stands out for me today?
What parts of this passage fade into the background?
How does this text challenge me?
(provided by Savannah Demuynck)

Ways to Engage

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