Through partnerships in Charlotte and around the world we respond to Jesus’ invitation to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. Outreach helps us fall in love with God’s world and God’s people.

Why Outreach?

Myers Park Presbyterian has long heard God’s call to grow in faith, to go and make disciples and to experience God at work – mending brokenness in the world and within us through service and mission.

One of the clearest ways we live out our calling as disciples is by responding to Jesus’ invitation, his mandate, given in John 13: 34-35 “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.”

In the early church, as the community struggled to understand how best to live out their lives as followers of Jesus, Paul reminds them in the midst of a dispute that “knowledge puffs up, but love builds up” (I Corinthians 8:1).

So with the Biblical mandate to live out a life of sacrificial love and appreciating Myers Park legacy of both service to and growth as a community, our efforts can be characterized and guided by Love Builds Up… a Child, a Homea Neighborhood, and the World.

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Outreach Blog

Isabel Owen & Pw Consignment Sale

The PW Consignment Sale is one of the most popular and successful fundraising initiatives at MPPC. Having joined the PW Council in 2001, Isabel Owen came up with the idea after seeing the success of women at a church in Matthews who had raised significant funds to...

Don Gately

CrossRoads Corporation for Affordable Housing and Community Development is deeply entwined with the ministry of Myers Park Presbyterian Church. Dreamed up and born out of the 2008 Campaign for Deeper Discipleship, CrossRoads took the church’s existing emphasis on...

Grier Heights Scholarships

The Grier Heights Scholarship Fund goes to provide young people from Grier Heights with the opportunity to join Youth ministry activities, such as summer mission trips and conferences. Those experiences enrich the faith journey of all involved and support our church...

Charlotte Rescue Mission opens their new café next week

For the last 30 years, Myers Park Presbyterian Church has been in partnership with Charlotte Rescue Mission (CRM) as they seek to serve people impacted by addiction and equip them to thrive in the community. A few years ago, CRM began to dream about how to use the...

Congo Team: Anne Wright

Since 2004, Anne Wright has served in mission and ministry on the Congo Team. She was invited on her first trip by Fay Grasty to fill in for another team member, but she had some hesitation whether it was the right time for her to go. While she and her husband...

You Are Most Welcome

Follow along with eight disciples as they travel to Bududa, Uganda to work with our partners at the Bududa Learning Center.  To experience so many intense, passionate emotions in one day seemed unfathomable... until today. As the newest members of the Uganda MPPC...

Bulldogs Matter

Now in its ninth year, Bulldogs Matter is an after-school academic and enrichment program at Alexander Graham (AG) Middle School with the mission to improve the academic, emotional, and social readiness for students entering high school. This partnership between...

No Such Thing as a ‘Typical Day’

Follow along with eight disciples as they travel to Bududa, Uganda to work with our partners at the Bududa Learning Center.  I am often asked to describe a typical day on a mission trip and quite honestly, I wrestle with how to answer this question. How do I...

Leg Ball, Anyone?

Follow along with eight disciples as they travel to Bududa, Uganda to work with our partners at the Bududa Learning Center. What a day we had in Bududa! After a glorious hike the ‘back way’ to school, we experienced a school assembly, which is an entirely...

Here to be Christians

Follow along with eight disciples as they travel to Bududa, Uganda to work with our partners at the Bududa Learning Center. This post was written by Kathleen price. We arrived in Bududa last evening, just as the sun was dipping below the...

Supportive Housing Communities

Research shows that permanent supportive housing is one of the most effective ways to help people experiencing chronic homelessness, who are among the most vulnerable in our community. In permanent supportive housing, residents have housing and access to the support...

Bududa Learning Center

Through two major educational and vocational programs, the Bududa Learning Center is working to alleviate poverty in Uganda. Bududa Vocational Academy provides high school students with trade-specific skills in tailoring, bricklaying, IT, and more that will help them...

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Chrissy Carlton

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