Worship Service Live Stream

Day of Pentecost

June 09, 2019
Worship at 10:00 a.m., Sanctuary and Celebrate

2501 Oxford Place, Charlotte, NC 28207

Sermon: “We Are Witnesses” | Millie Snyder
Scriptures: Psalm 104:24-34 | Acts 2:1-4, 12-17, 37-42

Dedicated Offering

Today’s dedicated offering supports the PCUSA’s Pentecost offering, which helps the church encourage, develop, and support its young people while also addressing the needs of at-risk children. As such, 60% of this offering will be used to support ministries of the Presbyterian Mission Agency – Young Adult Volunteers, Ministries for Youth and Children-at-Risk programs. Additionally, 40% of the Pentecost offering will support youth in the Grier Heights community through Crossroads’ program “The Kickback.” “The Kickback” is designed to support middle and high school girls academically, socially, and culturally through one on one tutoring, informational workshops, and mentor/mentee relationships. The primary goals of “The Kickback” is to foster academic success, collegiate and career exposure, and develop character and leadership skills.  Your gifts will provide critical financial assistance for ACT/SAT testing and college tours for young women in “The Kickback.”