Resident Pastor
E-mail Address: bbrannan@myersparkpres.org
Phone Number: (704) 927-1287

Ben is a new seminary graduate serving the church as his first call. His work will touch all ministry areas of the church through supervised ministry experiences.

E-mail Address: jclifford@myersparkpres.org
Phone Number: (704) 816-7243

Joe leads the staff and works with the church Session to guide the congregation. He is a gifted preacher, accomplished strategist, and devoted teacher.

Associate Pastor for Congregational Care
E-mail Address: dconner@myersparkpres.org
Phone Number: 704.927.1258

Deborah equips lay ministry, guides new members, and ensures members are supported through their greatest joys and deepest sorrows.

Parish Associate
E-mail Address: adickson@myersparkpres.org
Phone Number: (704) 927-1266

Anna visits members and families experiencing medical issues or loss.

Associate Pastor for Discipleship
E-mail Address: jmagnuson@myersparkpres.org
Phone Number: (704) 927-1272

John focuses on helping the adult members of our church live faithfully as disciples of Jesus Christ, loving God with their hearts, their minds, and their strength.

Executive Pastor
E-mail Address: msnyder@myersparkpres.org
Phone Number: (704) 376-3695

Millie orchestrates the details of ministry without losing sight of the big picture. She fosters collaboration among ministry areas and leads the pastoral residency program.

Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families
Phone Number: (704) 927-1273

Michelle accompanies the youth of the church and their families through the joyous and turbulent waters of adolescence, staying up late and waking up early to do ministry.


Name Title Extension Email Address
Dale Allison Administrator 241 dallison@myersparkpres.org
Patty Arcia Director of Middle School Ministry 296 parcia@myersparkpres.org
Debbie Armstrong Kitchen Assistant 248
Michael Aycock Operations Director 243 maycock@myersparkpres.org
Latricia Barringer Housekeeping
Yolanda Bragg AA Pastoral Care 251 ybragg@myersparkpres.org
Ben Brannan Resident Pastor 299 bbrannon@myersparkpres.org
Melanie Brannon Executive Assistant, Pastor 313 mbrannon@myersparkpres.org
David Brigman Sexton
Caroline Broadfoot Half Day Program Director WDS 278 cbroadfoot@myersparkpres.org
Kabrel Brown Administrative Assistant for Children, Youth & Their Families 271 kbrown@myersparkpres.org
Chrissy Carlton Outreach Coordinator 281 ccarlton@myersparkpres.org
Rick Christman Finance Director 242 rchristman@myersparkpres.org
Joe Clifford Head Pastor 250 jclifford@myersparkpres.org
Judy Collins Human Resources Assistant 246 jcollins@myersparkpres.org
Deborah Conner Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care 258 dconner@myersparkpres.org
Lora Connor Weekday School Administrative Assistant 291 lconnor@myersparkpres.org
Anna Dickson Parish Associate 266 adickson@myersparkpres.org
Kurtis Dziki Technical Director 270 kdziki@myersparkpres.org
Donna Fair Wellness Ministry Director 256 dfair@myersparkpres.org
Amy Faircloth Wellness Ministry Administrative Assistant 284 afaircloth@myersparkpres.org
Roger Friday Facility Team rfriday@myersparkpres.org
Erika Funk Director for CROSS efunk@myersparkpres.org
Betsy Gantt Membership Engagement Coordinator 261 bgantt@myersparkpres.org
Vivian Hailey Project Accountant 407 vhailey@myersparkpres.org
Stacey Hall Food Service Assistant 248 mstaceyhall@myersparkpres.orggmail.com
Jennifer Hatley Food Service Manager 248 jbhatley@myersparkpres.orgmyerspark.org
Amy Hock Executive Assistant, Administration 264 ahock@myersparkpres.org
Linda Ibsen Children & Family libsen@myersparkpres.or
Dennis Jackson Sexton djackson@myersparkpres.org
Claire Jampole Adminstrative Assistant – Operations 288 cjampole@myersparkpres.org
Rosalind Lawrence Accounting Assistant 247 rlawrence@myersparkpres.org
Conley Lenkiewicz AA Executive Pastor and Adult Faith Formation 245 clenkiewicz@myersparkpres.org
Marina Luckhoo Faith Community NurseĀ  252 mluckhoo@myersparkpres.org
John Magnuson Associate Pastor for Discipleship 272 jmagnuson@myersparkpres.org
Matthew Manwarren Organist mmanwarren@myersparkpres.org
Monty McCullough Administrative Assistant for the Outreach Center 284 mmccullough@myersparkpres.org
Bryn Miles Receptionist 0 bmiles@myersparkpres.org
Cameron Moore Coordinator Contemporary Worship & Arts cmoore@myersparkpres.org
Lauren Mulcahy Director of Development, Major Gifts and Planned Giving 259 lmulcahy@myersparkpres.org
Holly Nigro Worship Coordinator 252 hnigro@myersparkpres.org
Lee Northcutt Director of Music 253 lnorthcutt@myersparkpres.org
Montray Porter Facilities mporter@myersparkpres.org
Greg Razewski Information Technology Support 285 grazewski@myersparkpres.org
Mandy Rencher Elementary Minstry Coordinator 257 mrencher@myersparkpres.org
Josh Richard Communications Director 267 jrichard@myersparkpres.org
Genie Richards CROSS Assistant 393 grichards@myersparkpres.org
Andrew Sadler Audio/Video Technician for Celebrate
Freddie Sherrill Facilities Set-Up Coordinator 249 fsherrill@myersparkpres.org
Erin Short Membership Information Coordinator 263 eshort@myersparkpres.org
Millie Snyder Executive Pastor 260 msnyder@myersparkpres.org
Kate Taylor WDS Assistant 276 ktaylor@myersparkpres.org
Michelle Thomas-Bush Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families 273 mthomas-bush@myersparkpres.org
Kim Vanover WDS Managing Director 277 kvanover@myersparkpres.org
Savanah Warren Missions Coordinator 294 swarren@myersparkpres.org
Lynn Williams Human Resources Director 244 lwilliams@myersparkpres.org
Court Young Director of Outreach 294 cyoung@myersparkpres.org

Employment Opportunities