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Name Title Extension Email Address
Sydney Ambrose Administrative Assistant to Children, Youth, and Their Families 271 sambrose@myersparkpres.org
Patty Arcia Director of Outreach 290 parcia@myersparkpres.org
Debbie Armstrong Kitchen Assistant 248
Michael Aycock Operations Director 243 maycock@myersparkpres.org
Latricia Barringer Housekeeping
Allison Billings Middle School Ministry Coordinator 296 abillings@myersparkpres.org
Yolanda Bragg AA Pastoral Care 251 ybragg@myersparkpres.org
Melanie Brannon Executive Assistant, Pastor 313 mbrannon@myersparkpres.org
Caroline Broadfoot Half Day Program Director WDS 278 cbroadfoot@myersparkpres.org
Chrissy Carlton Assistant Outreach Director 281 ccarlton@myersparkpres.org
Rick Christman Finance Director 242 rchristman@myersparkpres.org
Joe Clifford Head Pastor 250 jclifford@myersparkpres.org
Judy Collins Human Resources Assistant 246 jcollins@myersparkpres.org
Deborah Conner Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care 258 dconner@myersparkpres.org
Lora Connor Weekday School Administrative Assistant 291 lconnor@myersparkpres.org
Amy Faircloth Wellness Ministry Administrative Assistant 284 afaircloth@myersparkpres.org
Erika Funk CROSS Missions Director efunk@myersparkpres.org
Vivian Hailey Project Accountant 407 vhailey@myersparkpres.org
Lisa Hickman Associate Pastor for Children and Their Families 396 lhickman@myersparkpres.org
Amy Hock Executive Assistant, Administration 264 ahock@myersparkpres.org
Linda Ibsen Children & Family libsen@myersparkpres.or
Dennis Jackson Sexton djackson@myersparkpres.org
Claire Jampole Administrative Assistant – Operations 288 cjampole@myersparkpres.org
Lexi Kramer Communications Coordinator 255 lkramer@myersparkpres.org
Conley Lenkiewicz Executive Assistant, Pastoral Ministries 245 clenkiewicz@myersparkpres.org
John Magnuson Associate Pastor for Discipleship 272 jmagnuson@myersparkpres.org
Monty McCullough Administrative Assistant for the Outreach Center 284 mmccullough@myersparkpres.org
Bryn Miles Receptionist 0 bmiles@myersparkpres.org
Cameron Moore Coordinator of Contemporary Worship & Arts cmoore@myersparkpres.org
Lauren Mulcahy Director of Development, Major Gifts and Planned Giving 259 lmulcahy@myersparkpres.org
Lee Northcutt Director of Music 253 lnorthcutt@myersparkpres.org
James Norton Sexton
Montray Porter Facilities mporter@myersparkpres.org
Greg Razewski Information Technology Support 285 grazewski@myersparkpres.org
Mandy Rencher Elementary Ministry Coordinator 257 mrencher@myersparkpres.org
Josh Richard Communications Director 267 jrichard@myersparkpres.org
Genie Richards Outreach Coordinator 393 grichards@myersparkpres.org
Collette Rhodes Accounting Associate crhodes@myersparkpres.org
Freddie Sherrill Facilities Set-Up Coordinator 249 fsherrill@myersparkpres.org
Millie Snyder Executive Pastor 260 msnyder@myersparkpres.org
Kate Taylor WDS Assistant 276 ktaylor@myersparkpres.org
Katrina Timmons Housekeeping
Michelle Thomas-Bush Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families 273 mthomas-bush@myersparkpres.org
Katherine Turk Assistant Communications Director 269 kturk@myersparkpres.org
Kim Vanover WDS Managing Director 277 kvanover@myersparkpres.org
Lynn Williams Human Resources Director 244 lwilliams@myersparkpres.org

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