Joe Clifford


Joe leads the staff and works with the church Session to guide the congregation. He is a gifted preacher, accomplished strategist, and devoted teacher.

Lisa Hickman

Associate Pastor for Children and Their Families 

Lisa’s focus is on the children of the church and the families they’re a part of. She leads a robust children’s ministry and supports our Weekday School program.

Joseph Jumper

Resident Pastor 

Joseph is a seminary graduate serving the church as his first call. His work will touch all ministry areas of the church through supervised ministry experiences.

John Magnuson

Associate Pastor for Discipleship 

John focuses on helping the adult members of our church live faithfully as disciples of Jesus Christ, loving God with their hearts, their minds, and their strength.

Alison Messick-Watkins

Parish Associate 

Alison walks alongside our members with deep care and love. She supports our Stephen ministry program and focuses on pastoral care.

Millie Snyder

Executive Pastor 

Millie orchestrates the details of ministry without losing sight of the big picture. She fosters collaboration among ministry areas and leads the pastoral residency program.

Michelle Thomas-Bush

Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families 

Michelle accompanies the youth of the church and their families through the joyous and turbulent waters of adolescence, staying up late and waking up early to do ministry.

Erin Tolar

Resident Pastor 

Erin is a seminary graduate serving the church as her first call. Her work will touch all ministry areas of the church through supervised ministry experiences.


Name Title Extension Email Address
Lindsey Adams Disciple Engagement Coordinator 263
Loriann Alexander HR Manager 244
Patty Arcia Outreach Director 290
Debbie Armstrong Food Service Manager 248
Michael Aycock Operations Director 243
Betsey Baesel Administrative Assistant for Worship Arts & Communications 255
Brianna Bamberg Children’s Ministry Coordinator 294
Latricia Barringer Housekeeping
Allison Billings Middle School Ministry Coordinator 296
Yolanda Bragg Administrative Assistant, Pastoral Care 251
Elizabeth Burgess Executive Assistant to the Pastor/Head of Staff 313
Chrissy Carlton Assistant Outreach Director 281
Jennifer Childers Executive Director 241
Joe Clifford Pastor 250
Judy Collins Human Resources Assistant 246
Lora Connor Weekday School Half-Day Operations Director 291
Liz Corsig High School Ministry Coordinator 297
Amy Faircloth Administration Assistant 284
Shannon Fish Outreach Assistant 393
Erika Funk CROSS Missions Director
Gina Glenn Weekday School Half-Day Program Coordinator 298
Vivian Hailey Finance Manager 242
Lisa Hickman Associate Pastor for Children and Their Families 396
Claire Jampole Executive Assistant to the Executive Director 264
Joseph Jumper Resident Pastor 266
Mark Kemp Director of Worship Arts 253
Gena Koehler High School Ministry Coordinator 297
Conley Lenkiewicz Executive Assistant, Pastoral Ministries 245
John Magnuson Associate Pastor for Discipleship 272
Jodi Martin CROSS Program Coordinator 294
Monty McCullough Wellness Program Manager 284
Wyndham Merrill Administrative Assistant for Children, Youth, and their Families 271
Alison Messick-Watkins Parish Associate 252
Bryn Miles Receptionist 0
Jara Mitchell Food Service Associate
Cameron Moore Coordinator of Contemporary Worship & Arts 307
Samuel Moore Facilities Manager 283
Lauren Mulcahy Director of Development, Major Gifts, and Planned Giving 259
James Norton Sexton
Greg Razewski Information Technology Support 285
Josh Richard Communications Director 267
Renee Ritzco Technical Manager 270 
Colette Rhodes Accounting Associate 247
Tom Robak Organist
Calli Romig-Koch Childcare Coordinator 274
Ciara Samana New Member Coordinator 261
Freddie Sherrill Facilities Set-Up Coordinator 249
Millie Snyder Executive Pastor 260
Kate Taylor Weekday School Full-Day Operations Director 276
Katrina Timmons Housekeeping
Michelle Thomas-Bush Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families 273
Erin Tolar Resident Pastor 299
Heidi Truong WDS Managing Director 278
Katherine Turk Assistant Communications Director 269
Angel Tyler Weekday School Full-Day Program Coordinator 315
J.R. Williams Sexton
Knox Wilson Sexton


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