April 5 Spotlight

COVID-19 Emergency Outreach Fund

Throughout April, our dedicated offering will go to support MPPC’s COVID-19 Emergency Outreach Fund. This fund will enable us to support our ministry partners’ immediate and sustained responses to the coronavirus pandemic. This week we are highlighting two ways in which this fund will be used to support our ministry partners as they work to address hunger and food insecurity in Charlotte.  

Loaves and Fishes is one of MPPC’s outreach ministry partners on the front lines in the fight against food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic. In just one week 2,238 people picked up a week’s worth of food from Loaves and Fishes pantries, which is more than double the amount of people they typically serve in a one-week period. Your donation to the COVID-19 Emergency Outreach Fund could help Loaves and Fishes secure mass quantities of food that will be needed in the weeks and months to come.

Additionally, during this time MPPC’s Food Service team has joined our outreach efforts to support the needs of our ministry partners by preparing casseroles on a weekly basis. Each week 60 casseroles, which will feed 500 neighbors, will be delivered to MPPC’s ministry partners, including Urban Ministry Center | Men’s Shelter of Charlotte, Samaritan House, and Charlotte Rescue Mission. These partners struggle to meet a need – the provision of donated meals – that has previously been filled through volunteer support. Your gifts to the COVID-19 outreach fund will provide critical and immediate food security support for our most vulnerable neighbors. Join us as we unite to provide the resources necessary to meet our community’s most pressing needs. 

Gifts can be made through text-to-give by texting 704-312-7540, typing a dollar amount, and then “Covid19” (e.g. $100 Covid19) or by mailing a check to the church with “COVID-19” in the memo.