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Supportive Housing Communities

Mission: Provide affordable housing to alleviate homelessness and human suffering.

Population Served: Homeless men, women, and families with disabilities.

History: In 1989 a Jesuit priest at St. Peter’s Catholic Church began an organization to provide affordable housing for people living on city streets. The organization became known as St. Peter’s Homes (SPH) and over the next several years collaborated with other community organizations to build McCreesh Place, Charlotte’s first single-room occupancy (SRO) permanent housing complex with on-site support services for homeless men. In 2012 SPH changed its name to SHC to better brand and promote their mission. In 2013, SPH launched a permanent scattered site program to serve chronically homeless individuals and their families

Approach: SHC provides decent, affordable permanent housing with on-site services for men, women and families with disabilities. Residents pay a minimum monthly rent, and are connected to services that help them obtain or remain in permanent housing. Additionally, clients receive help with health issues, the stigma of mental illness, addiction problems and joblessness. Some residents move on when their lives stabilize, others choose to stay where they feel safe. Several previous residents return to volunteer on site, to give back for the help that they received.

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October 10, 2016