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Mission: The mission of Supportive Housing Communities is to provide affordable housing to alleviate homelessness and human suffering.

Vision: To develop and operate permanent supportive housing for men, women and families overcoming homelessness, especially veterans and those with mental illness, substance use, and medical or other disabling conditions.

Population Served: SHC serves formerly homeless people with at least one disability. SHC residents must earn (through employment or earned benefits) less than 30% of area median income and contribute 30% of their income, if any, toward rent. All residents are homeless at the time of entry, with 82% being chronically homeless last fiscal year.

History: In 1989 a Jesuit priest began an organization to provide affordable housing for people living on city streets. The organization became known as St. Peter’s Homes (SPH) and over the next several years collaborated with other community organizations to build McCreesh Place, Charlotte’s first single-room occupancy (SRO) permanent housing complex with on-site support services for homeless men. In 2012 SPH changed its name to SHC (Supportive Housing Communitie) to better brand and promote their mission. In 2013, SHC launched a permanent scattered site program to serve chronically homeless individuals and their families.


  • McCreesh Place: McCreesh Place was the first permanent supportive housing complex in Charlotte and the first supportive housing program of Supportive Housing Communities (SHC). When it opened in 2003, McCreesh Place included 64 single-occupancy units with shared bathrooms and kitchens and was open only to men. Later, SHC added 26 efficiency units with private bathrooms and kitchens and, in 2016, opened McCreesh Place to women. Now, McCreesh Place is home to as many as 90 residents who have experienced homelessness or addiction.
  • ​St. John’s Place: In July 2017, SHC expanded our program even more by purchasing St. Johns Place, a 32-unit apartment building which will create more affordable apartments for chronically homeless individuals and families living with disabilities.
  • Scattered Site Housing: SHC helps residents find safe homes in the community. Due to negative or nonexistent rental histories, SHC advocates on behalf of our residents to landlords who are willing to rent to our clients. SHC also promotes positive relationships with our landlords. We take full responsibility by being the leaseholder or by agreement when the resident is the leaseholder.

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