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Membership in the Church of Jesus Christ is a joy and a privilege. It is also a commitment to participate in Christ’s mission. A faithful member bears witness to God’s love and grace and promises to be involved responsibly in the ministry of Christ’s Church.

Myers Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC) is a dynamic community of faith with more than 4,500 members. We encourage every member of our congregation to be actively involved in worship, study, service and stewardship, and to be focused on building open and genuine relationships. We strive to live out God’s transforming work, together, as the body of Christ.

How do I learn more about membership at Myers Park Presbyterian Church?

“Church Chat” for Prospective Members – On the last Sunday of the month from 9:45-10:45 a.m. in the welcome center, stop by to connect with a pastor and members of our New Member Team. You may be curious about what it means to be Presbyterian, how to arrange a baptism, or you may want more information on classes, community partnerships, or fellowship opportunities. We can help you!

Contact our Member Engagement Coordinator – We can arrange a one-on-one meeting and tour of the church. Please reach out to Betsy Gantt at bgantt@myersparkpres.org or (704) 376-3695 x261.

How do I join MPPC?

New Member Classes are held 4-5 times per year, usually on Sundays from 9:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. At the conclusion of the class you may join the church in one of the following ways:

  • Reaffirmation of Faith (baptized but not recently active in a church)
  • Transfer of Letter (recently active in another church)
  • Profession of Faith (never baptized).

If you have never been baptized, we will coordinate with you to schedule your baptism.

Register for an upcoming New Member class:

June 14, 2020 | Registration

For more information, please reach out to Betsy Gantt, Member Engagement Coordinator, at bgantt@myersparkpres.org or (704) 376-3695 x261.


For Joining by Profession of Faith and Reaffirmation of Faith:

Q: Trusting in the gracious mercy of God, do you turn from the ways of sin and renounce evil and its power in the world?

A: I do.

Q: Do you turn to Jesus Christ and accept him as your Lord and Savior, trusting in his grace and love?

A: I do.

Q: Will you be Christ’s faithful disciple, obeying his Word and showing his love?
A: I will, with God’s help.

For Joining by Transfer of Membership, Profession of Faith and Reaffirmation of Faith:

Q: Will you be a faithful member of this congregation, share in its worship and ministry through your prayers and gifts, your study and service, and so fulfill your calling to be a disciple of Jesus Christ?

A: I will, with God’s help.


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July 26, 2018