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  Confirmation 2021-2022 

Confirmation meets youth where they are and travels with them on a journey.  At the heart of this journey is knowing God in new and deeper ways. Confirmation small groups offer the communal context which is critical.  There is a mutuality of genuine faith formation, where we grow together as the body of Christ.   Confirmation at Myers Park Presbyterian Church happens in the 8th Grade year and we are grateful to walk with you on this journey of faith, doubt and transformation.

First Confirmation Class for 2021: August 29, 10:00-12:00

8th Graders meet in Providence Hall. This is the building that is known as the drop-off for pre-school or the entrance to the play-ground.  If you enter the parking lot off 2501 Oxford Place, continue like you are going out onto Providence Road. Providence Hall is the last building before the main road on your right. There are steps and an overhang, look for the sign for Confirmation.

Dress is Sunday casual. You do not need to bring anything. This is an opportunity to understand what Confirmation is about and get to know the class. We will have a great time. (There is a 9:00am worship at the Sanctuary circle drive, bring a folding chair if you would like to attend or parents can attend the 10:30 worship in the sanctuary)

Next Date to Save: September 18, 9:00-12:00 Service Day (required)


Registration for Confirmation 2021-22


CONFIRMATION REGISTRATION FORMS:  We invite you to officially fill out registration forms online.  This is our new online system for registration forms and only our 2nd year using it. It seems very easy and quick. Please fill out the registration forms prior to the meeting or on Sunday, if possible.  There are 3 forms to fill out, here are the links:

1.      https://mppcforms.formstack.com/forms/participanteventtripcovenant

2.      https://mppcforms.formstack.com/forms/medicalliabilityreleaseform

3.      https://mppcforms.formstack.com/forms/confirmandregistrationform


There is also a small cost for confirmation. It helps us cover our service projects, a closing retreat, curriculum and a notebook. Payment link here.