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onfirmation 2021-2022 


Worship Reflection: Each 8th Grader will need to use the following form to review worship at MPPC. The first one is due in October. the second is due in November and the third in December. You can show your small group leader that you have them completed when you go to small group. Put them in your notebook when finished.

Worship-and-Sermon-Summary Download


Both parents and youth work on this together. Each watch/read/discuss and each write a paper on your learning to turn in to the small group leader.

Make-up for Retreat:

  1. Read and discuss the church mission statement on the back cover of your confirmation notebook. What stands out for you? Which statement speaks to why MPPC is your church? Which statement speaks to why we have partnerships with our neighbors who are homeless?
  2. Read through your notebook together with your parent. Each of you choose one question of the catechism and ask them to give their best answer (even if you have to take a guess). What is interesting about the real answer? *Look through the notebook and at the end, make a list of 5 questions each of you have about faith. What would you ask at the end of your life if you came face to face with God?
  3. We worked on 2 service projects during this retreat. Consider participating in 2 projects at church. 

Sunday, Sept. 20 Make-up:

  1. Parents share the story of your 8th graders baptism. What did it mean when the congregation made the baptismal promise? Baptism witnesses to the truth that God claims people in love even before we are able to respond in faith. Discuss our role in the confirmation process, knowing that we are affirming God’s initiative and our baptismal identity as a child of God.
  2. Read through session 1, the scriptures and work through the first pages in your Big journal with your parents. What take-away’s do you have as you begin the confirmation process.

Make up for other sessions (per date):

Lesson #1

Clergy conversation with Rev. Dr. Joe Clifford

 Clergy Conversation with Rev. Ben Brannan

Clergy Conversation with Rev. Millie Snyder

 Lesson #5

Clergy Conversation with Rev. Savannah Demuynck

 Lesson #7

Lesson #8

Clergy Conversation with Rev. John Magnuson

 Clergy Conversation with Rev. Deborah Conner

 Lesson #11

*Remember that if you have to miss because of isolation or illness, you can have a friend facetime you in for your small group session. They can set you up on a table and you can participate with your group. There are so few nights of confirmation that every session is important.

Watch Confirmation Video with your parents, discuss and each of you write a short reflection. Share your thoughts with each other