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Billingsville-Cotswold Elementary School

Mission: We are committed to excellence and to addressing the social and emotional needs, as well as the instructional needs, of every student. We believe that all students can achieve and we will work with our students and families to make that happen for every student.

Population Served: Elementary school-aged children living in the nearby neighborhoods.

History: In 1964, Billingsville Elementary (BE) was established as a Grier Heights neighborhood school. In 2013, BE changed its name to Billingsville Leadership Academy with an intentional focus to improve student learning and increase the quality of instruction. With these changes and other community partnerships, learning proficiency increased from 27% to 62% and the teacher retention rate increased 58% to 97%. Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, Billingsville Elemenatry School was paired with neighboring Cotswold Elementary. The CMS school board’s hope in making the pairing was to increase socioeconomic and racial diversity and help all students benefit from the combining of school populations. Billingsville Elementary is now the campus for K-2nd grade students and Cotswold Elementary is the campus for 3rd-5th graders.

Approach: Billingsville-Cotswold Elementary (BCE) provides a foundation for success as BCE scholars transition to middle school. In addition to CMS programs, students have access to enrichment activities and programs including after-school and summer programs, tutors and reading buddies. Staff is supported with new teacher mentors and an actively engaged leadership team consisting of dedicated community partners.

High Priority Service Opportunities
Primary Contacts: MPPC Billingsville-Cotswold Ministry Team: Mary Beth Pope, Woodie Robinson, Genie Scheurer

Team email address: bceministry@gmail.com

Serve at the Book-a-palooza, 124 Skyland Ave, April 7 –  Each student at the Billingsville campus of Billingsville-Cotswold Elementary School will be able to select 2-3 free books to add to their home library. Disciples are need to help the week of the event to sort books by age group, set up the tables and books the day before the event, and then help the day of the event as students select their books. If interested, please email bceministry@gmail.com

We are joining Read Charlotte in their goal that 80% of students will be reading proficiently by the third grade by 2025. Disciples are needed to serve as literacy tutors to help achieve this goal.

Disciples can also serve as math tutors with Heart Math Tutoring.