Billingsville Leadership Academy

Mission: Billingsville children will achieve a high level of success to ensure that they have choices in their future.

Population Served: Elementary school-aged children living in Grier Heights and the surrounding community.

History: BLA was first established in 1964 as Billingsville Elementary, a Grier Heights neighborhood school. The past five years, MPPC Capital Campaign has provided funding for a new teacher mentor, after-school and summer programs, volunteer coordinator, parent programs, community garden, field trips, and technology. In 2013, BE changed its name to BLA with an intentional focus to improve student learning and increase the quality of instruction, and uniforms were implemented, students became known as scholars. BLA now ranks 6th statewide in improving student performance, learning proficiencies have increased from 27% to 62%, and teacher retention rate increased 58% to 97%.

Approach: BLA provides a foundation for success as BLA scholars transition to middle school. In addition to CMS programs, students have access to enrichment activities and programs designed to improve test scores – including a campus garden, after-school and summer programs, tutors and book buddies. Staff is supported with new teacher mentors and an actively engaged leadership team consisting of dedicated community partners.

High Priority Service Opportunities
Primary Contacts: Glenn Boone, gleenboone@me.com and Woodie Robinson, woodierobinson@carolina.rr.com

We are joining Read Charlotte in their goal that 80% of students will be reading proficiently by the third grade by 2025. Disciples are needed to serve as literacy tutors to help achieve this goal. Our goal is to have 80 disciples serve as literacy tutors during the 2018-2019 school year. For more information and to register now visit: myersparkpres.org/literacytutor