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On Sunday, November 29, 2020, Myers Park Presbyterian held a congregational meeting to hear from the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee and to vote on their recommendation. The congregation voted unanimously to call the Rev. Dr. Lisa Nichols Hickman to serve as Associate Pastor for Children and Their Families. Missed the meeting? Re-watch it here.

About Lisa


  • Director of Pastoral Care | First Presbyterian Church | Sharon, Pennsylvania
  • Associate Pastor | New Wilmington Presbyterian Church | New Wilmington Pennsylvania
  • Associate Pastor | Nassau Presbyterian Church | Princeton, New Jersey
  • Ph.D. in Theology | Duquesne University
  • Master of Divinity | Princeton Theological Seminary
Lisa Nichols Hickman (center) with husband Jason and daughters Leah and Caitlyn


Lisa is married to Jason Hickman, who is also a Presbyterian Minister. Lisa and Jason have two daughters: Leah, a freshman at Penn State University, and Caitlyn, a 16-year-old at New Wilmington High School. 

Recommendation from the APNC

There were so many things about Lisa that attracted us to her, and once we engaged in conversations with her, it was so easy because it was so right. She is extremely intelligent, she is creative; she has a mind for the big picture and strategic vision, but is detail-oriented at the same time; she is a hard worker; she is an incredible and thoughtful conversationalist; she is an excellent communicator; she has a deep spirit and huge heart. When she talks, you want to lean in, as to not miss a word. She is the author of three books, she is a part-time professor at Westminster College where she actually taught John Magnuson, our Associate Pastor for Discipleship. She is constantly reading, learning, teaching, and sharing. The committee is beyond excited to recommend the Rev. Dr. Lisa Nichols Hickman.