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Challenge: Do one Gratitude Reflection every day of the month, using the MPPC image above. Do one every 30 days.

Share: That is your choice!! You could post every day and save them to a highlight on Instagram, post on Twitter or facebook. If you post, include a blank one so others can use! You don’t every have to post…at ALL. If you want to share with MPPC, text ONE day to 980-329-2121 (make sure to include your name on the side)

The faith practice of GRATITUDE begins with one day. Your faith and life flourishes with each day that you continue. Stretch and find different things you are grateful for each day.

Gratitude is the acknowledgment that each moment of life is enough. We have enough and what we experience is enough. I invite you to stop each day of the month and take notice of all that God has given you.

Gratitude is a natural response to life but it does take practice and intentionality. When we practice gratitude, we cultivate the ability to see wonder, awe and possibility in each moment of our lives. You will be surprised what begins to happen. Bitterness is replaced with contentment. Daily routines become defining moments. The ordinary becomes holy.

Gratitude researchers have also seen changes in brain development when gratitude is practiced consistently. It increases resilience, reduces stress and depression. Practicing gratitude increases immune systems, lower blood pressure, and people sleep better. They are more alert and more generous, compassionate, and happier. Grateful people also have a greater capacity for joy and positive emotions.

Start today! Make this one of your faith practices.