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Service Opportunities

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Operation Sandwich: October 18, 5:00 Middle School, 7:00 High School

  • Purchase your own supplies to make White bread sandwiches with Turkey and cheese. (no condiments) Put each sandwich in a sandwich bag. Put enough meat and cheese on it so you would enjoy it. We hope to make 750 sandwiches, so you choose how many you want to make! Deliver to the OC from 8-9am on Monday, Oct. 19.
  • We will have a zoom DJ during the activity playing music and asking questions, playing a few games together. This is a fun way to connect with everyone!
  • Jubilee Store YOUTH ROLE: This year we will be filling STOCKINGS for children of Charlotte Family Housing on November 15. This year they will do a drive through store, and parents will get gift cards to purchase their own gifts for their children. This offers them a change to create their own Christmas experience. We will provide stockings for the parents for Christmas morning.
    • 6th graders: Bring items to fill stockings for girls/boys from 5-10 years old to a 3:00 gathering at the church or to your small groups.
    • 7th graders: Bring items to fill stockings for girls/boys under 5 years old to a 4:00 gathering at the church or to your small groups on November 15. Stockings welcome too! You can bring completed too if you choose!
    • 8th graders: Bring items to fill stockings for your gender to small group on November 15. You will be assigned ages in your small group. Begin collecting stockings!
    • High School: Nov. 15, you will go shopping in your small groups or meet at 2:00 to go shopping with Rev. Michelle at Target Mid-town. We will meet at the starbucks inside.
  • Parking Lot Canned Food Drive for Loaves and FishesSeptember 27, 10am – 12pm, at Outreach Center. Main needs: Peanut Butter, canned meats, kids & adult diapers, wipes. If you would like to be a driver, please contact
    • How can you help?
      • Give an announcement in Class
      • Invite Teammates to drop off a food item at your house.
      • Share the flyer with neighbors.
      • Text friends the image of the flyer, inviting them to participate.
      • Post on social media the image and tag friends.
      • Post on TikTok, showing what items are needed for Loaves and Fishes.
      • Put a box at your house for friends and family to donate items!
      • Get grocery bags and drop off an houses with the flyer and a note saying you can pick up the bags at a given time if they leave them outside filled with donations!
      • Even if you are out of town on the day of the event, sent out notices that morning reminding everyone of the Parking lot food drive.