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Inspiration for a new year from our Stephen Ministry group. Adapted from The Christophers newsletter.

After reading about a study that showed loneliness in the United States had reached epidemic proportions, Elizabeth Manneh felt that God was challenging her to improve the lives of others as her New Year’s resolution. Writing on the website Busted Halo, she shared some of her ideas:

  • “Be observant. It’s easy to miss signs of loneliness, so keep an eye out for those on the fringes who might benefit from words of welcome, a friendly conversation, or a kind gesture.”
  • “Give your time. Maybe somebody you know is struggling with a stressful job, coping with a personal crisis, or lives alone and doesn’t feel like going out without a companion. Offer to take them for a much-needed night out.”
  • “Taking someone to medical appointments is another way to give your time. A few years ago, my mother needed regular hospital treatments every day for three weeks, and the hospital was over 25 miles away. Her church made up a rotation of people who drove her there, chatted with her while she waited, and brought her home afterwards. She felt very loved.”

Bear one another’s burdens. (Galatians 6:2)

Make me sensitive to the loneliness of others, Lord.