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The Hungary global outreach team recently returned from their trip to visit our partners at The Great Church in Debrecen.

We visited the Open Door, a senior center in Debrecen. We were impressed by how extremely well organized the Open Door is. They have a staff that includes 30 nurses and several office staff. They serve the Debrecen community often with home visits and whatever else is needed. The staff work in an office near the Great Church. It feels very homey and modern. The Open Door serves 60 older citizens. A good many of them gather every Wednesday and Thursday for fellowship, socialization, and Bible study. After a convivial lunch fellowship in the cellar, fifteen of the senior citizens enjoyed a seminar by MPPC elder, Dick Spain, on stress management.

In the evening we all went for dinner at the Immanuel Home. The staff of Emmanuel Home hosted us with wonderful hospitality including wonderfully tasty Hungarian food and homemade desserts. The Myers Park members and the Immanuel Home staff got to know each other better by sharing their stories. They shared with us a video of a performance that included students from Immanuel Home who are multi-handicapped and regular students from Debrecen. Many of us were very moved by the interaction between the regular students and the handicapped students. The world has come a long way in terms of how we treat handicapped people.

– Kelly Backman, Hungary global team member

Yesterday and today we did very scholastic things. Yesterday we visited an elementary school class (grades 1-8) and were able to participate in both music and English classes. In the music class, the students practice singing the psalter. One English class learned about American symbols and I was amazed at how much they knew about the United States and how little I knew about Hungary. In the other English class, the students had to interview us in English and then share with the class, again in English.

Today we visited a UNESCO World Heritage Site where we saw uniquely Hungarian animals such as curly-haired pigs and sheep with twisted horns and learned about the traditional herdsman way of life. Something that’s very different here is that the church functions much like a PTA organization in that they are able to take their funding and layer it on top of state funding for schools and other sites. I feel blessed and fortunate to be representing Myers Park in such a unique educational and cultural exchange.

– Kary Beaman, Hungary global team member