The PW Consignment Sale is one of the most popular and successful fundraising initiatives at MPPC. Having joined the PW Council in 2001, Isabel Owen came up with the idea after seeing the success of women at a church in Matthews who had raised significant funds to support their mission, and thought, “We should do that!”

However, there were a few hurdles Isabel had to overcome first to coordinate an event of this size, which included doing some research. She sought counsel from the directors of other area sales for insight all while simultaneously trying to convince the church to get on board. Finally, Isabel was able to successfully garner enough support for PW’s first consignment sale in 2007, but she still needed help to make it happen. Little did Isabel know her prayers would soon be answered. “Ten women, most of whom I did not know, responded to an email and agreed to jump in this mission with me, the majority of whom are still on this Consignment Team 13 years later,” Isabel says. She describes them as some of the most faithful, committed, hard-working, and fun women she has ever been blessed to know.  

Since its beginning, the Consignment Sale has raised $417,067 in gross sales and benefitted organizations throughout the city. The 2019 sale grossed $59,700 with a net profit of $15,800 and donated items sent to Baby Bundles, Foster Village Charlotte, Florence Crittendon, Grier Heights Community Center, Goodwill, and Billingsville and Cotswold Elementary. “I love this sale because it is truly a win/win/win,” Isabel says. What she means by this is that everyone who shops, each volunteer, and every organization involved continue to be inspired and motivated by the outcomes:

  • Win: 100% of the sale net profits go to support the local community in need through the PW Board grant process – with life to date net profits exceeding $100,000.
  • Win: 100% of the unsold/donated clothing, furniture and accessories go directly to help local organizations.
  • Win: Offering of great, quality clothing and goods to both the communities of MPPC and Grier Heights at very affordable prices. Inventory is also taken to the Grier Heights Community Center where the Consignment Team hosts an additional sale at reduced rates along with a cookout and family day for the community. 

“Our team sees this as a churchwide effort, and we hope that everyone feels a part of this mission,” Isabel says. “Each year we have close to 100 volunteers, 200 consignors, and the positive energy of church members and staff to help in a variety of ways to make this special mission happen”. For Isabel, the real joy in this ministry is seeing such a diverse group of people working long hours together to serve God’s kingdom. “Our true motivation is the impact we get to make in our local community,” she says. “I know in my heart that The Lord must be smiling.”