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Shepherd’s Center of Charlotte (SCC) was formed 39 years ago by a group of Myers Park area churches and members of the local medical community to provide seniors with educational, travel and volunteer opportunities. Myers Park Presbyterian shares a deep relationship with Shepherd’s Center of Charlotte that has grown stronger over the years. MPPC disciples were instrumental in starting the organization. Those who led this effort were Dr. James Alexander, the Reverends Margaret and Pete Peery, and Lib Harkey. Dr. Alexander spearheaded the formation of the Charlotte chapter, Mrs. Harkey served as the second Board Chairperson, and both Margaret and Pete were among those who signed the original charter in 1980.

SCC aims to mobilize active older adults as volunteers, encourage learning and fellowship, and enable older adults to be active and enjoy living in their own homes for as long as possible. Their services are free and include medical transportation, tax assistance (in collaboration with AARP), Medicare counseling and handyman services. “Our mission of ‘Seniors Serving Seniors’ provides ancillary opportunities for seniors to build relationships with people in the same age group who understand some of the physical difficulties they often encounter,” says Wayne Felton, Executive Director. Two of their most utilized programs are the tax assistance and Medicare counseling services where seniors can have their taxes filed and obtain assistance with Medicare open enrollment. These services help seniors maintain peace of mind knowing they are making financially secure decisions while restoring their sense of confidence. MPPC hosted both of these programs on our campus this year. Additionally, SCC is the only free service in Charlotte to offer transportation to any medical appointment, including physical therapy, dentist, and counseling; just another way in which Shepherd’s Center provides seniors with peace of mind.

The time and dedication of its volunteers keeps SCC running. Volunteers select the days and hours that work best for them and are given training in advance. “Our volunteers frequently cite how much their participation gives them a sense of worth and purpose,” says Wayne. “As in so many cases, those who give of their time find they receive much more in return.”

Are you interested in serving with Shepherd’s Center? Contact Margery Lindh at the Shepherd’s Center of Charlotte office at 704-365-1995. Visit www.shepherdscharlotte.org for a complete list of services and programs.