Research shows that permanent supportive housing is one of the most effective ways to help people experiencing chronic homelessness, who are among the most vulnerable in our community. In permanent supportive housing, residents have housing and access to the support services they need to rebuild their lives so they will not return to homelessness. The vision of Supportive Housing Communities (SHC) is to develop and operate permanent supportive housing for men, women, and families overcoming homelessness in Charlotte. Particular focus is placed on veterans and those with mental illness, substance abuse, and medical or other disabling conditions as they are often the most overlooked. To achieve this vision, SHC owns and operates two supportive housing facilities in Charlotte called McCreesh Place and St. Johns Place, as well as a Scattered Site program in which residents live in one of SHC’s 75 apartments throughout Charlotte. SHC served 678 people through their programs last year, and MPPC has partnered with SHC over the last 15 years. Most recently, in 2018, MPPC provided financial support for the renovations at St. John’s Place which created 32 affordable apartment units for chronically homeless individuals and families living with disabilities. 

Linda Miller has a fervent passion for serving the underserved and began this journey 20 years ago as a volunteer for a local agency that supported people experiencing homelessness. “The population touched my heart, and I knew I had to somehow find employment in that field,” Linda says. Linda had the opportunity to work with the United Way during her time as an event planner and leveraged her contacts there which fostered an opportunity to serve as Volunteer Coordinator at the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte. “As I learned more about the homeless situation in Charlotte, I started looking for employment at SHC; I wanted to see people in their own homes. I am a Christian and, for me, the real work is with people who are most vulnerable,” she adds. Today, she uses that knowledge each day to bridge the gap between the community and SHC while serving as the Community Partnership Coordinator. “The homeless population has taught me a lot about myself and opened my heart to a meaningful passion. I see the fragile people we serve living a fuller, more impactful life because of SHC and that is life changing”.

There are many ways in which MPPC disciples can serve the mission of SHC. Two specific opportunities are Coffee Talks and the SHC Community Choir. As part of Coffee Talks, every Wednesday morning at 10 a.m., SHC residents and community members share a cup of coffee and discuss current events and community topics. The community choir consists of SHC residents and community members who meet for a weekly rehearsal joined together over their shared passion for music.

Want to serve with SHC or learn more? Contact Local Mission Coordinator, Savanah Warren, at 704-816-7294 or