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Since 2004, Anne Wright has served in mission and ministry on the Congo Team. She was invited on her first trip by Fay Grasty to fill in for another team member, but she had some hesitation whether it was the right time for her to go. While she and her husband Fletcher were out at dinner that evening, they discovered their waiter was originally from Congo. “I asked him where he was born, and he said Congo, and I explained to him that just that afternoon I had been invited to participate on a mission trip to Congo,” Anne says. “He said to me ‘You must go; you make me homesick’. In that very moment, I knew that God was speaking to me and that I would be making the trip”. Anne took this as her sign that it was indeed the right time and she agreed to Fay’s invitation. This was an example that “If you want to walk on water you have to get out of the boat” and I am so thankful that I did.

One of Anne’s best memories from her time in Congo was meeting with the leaders of the Congo Presbyterian Church to discuss the future of girls’ education. “Early on in our visits, we were asked by Dr. Mulumba, the past General Secretary (deceased) of the Congo Presbyterian Church (CPC) to consider building a model girls’ school in Kananga because education for girls was not valued as much as for boys,” Anne says. “After discussing and praying about this request, we were able to tell Dr. Mulumba and his board that MPPC would indeed build a girl’s school.” After completion in 2013, the school for girls was dedicated and named Dipadia Nzambia (DdN) or “God’s Gift.” She recounts how the MPPC Congo Education Team, made up of mostly women, was tasked with explaining the value of girls’ education to the CPC board of all men. In the end, they were able to get the board to buy in and complete construction of the school. “It was a labor of love as well as a tremendous adventure dealing with differences in culture,” she says. The fruits of this labor continue to be shone with the building of the new girls’ school in Mbuji Mayi which is scheduled for completion this April. The school will continue the mission of the Congo Education Team to provide Congolese women and girls’ with opportunities for education and upward mobility.

As we continue this vital work in Congo, we are reminded that we all are serving in one unified faith in Christ.” God is very diverse and comes in all places and all colors,” Anne says. “The relationships that we have formed with our Congolese friends and seeing the progress that has occurred since my first visit have continued to be dear to my heart.”

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