For over 40 years, Friendship Trays has served individuals throughout Charlotte who are unable to obtain or prepare their meals because of age or infirmity. It began in 1976 when a handful of volunteers delivered six meals to elderly residents in the Elizabeth neighborhood who were unable to leave their homes. The impact of this small act was so powerful that less than a year later, 30 Charlotte churches incorporated Friendship Trays into their ministries. Today, approximately 80 faith-based organizations, civic organizations, and businesses provide volunteers and funding to Friendship Trays.

Dan Nunn serves as the Ministry Team Leader for friendship Trays and believes in the mission of this ministry. “Access to healthy food is a critical community issue, and Friendship Trays enables access by delivering diet specific, very affordable meals to individuals throughout our community,” Dan says. “74% of the people that Friendship Trays serves are over age 65. Friendship Trays assists individuals and their families by playing a major role in a care system that enables people to remain in their homes longer”. What is the continued impact of this ministry and why is it so important to our city? Friendship Trays serves over 700 people each weekday, with not only a meal, but an opportunity for fellowship as well as many of the recipients of meals are homebound. Currently, over 750 disciples in the Charlotte area work each weekday to provide recipients with a healthy meal,socialization, and security. Of that number, 31 are members of MPPC whogenerously volunteer their time and talents to this ministry. By providing thispersonal contact and visitation, the act becomes much more than just serving ameal, but a truly transformative experience.

With the growing elderly population in Charlotte, the need for funding and volunteers to keep Friendship Trays running is tremendous. “Aging in place is a philosophy that makes sense, bringing services to people in their homes where most people want to be,” Dan says. “Friendship Trays’ ability to continue serving those in need of meals is only possible with the continued financial support from the community including MPPC.”

For more information or to get involved with Friendship Trays, contact Dan Nunn, Ministry Team Leader at 704-906-6358 or