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Keeping Sabbath offers us the God-given gift of rest. It allows us time to look at ourselves and at our lives apart from the everyday world. More important, it offers extended time and space to give thanks and praise to God for the many gifts in our lives. Give yourself permission to think beyond Sunday as Sabbath. Sabbath is time that you set aside.

Sabbath gives us the permission we need to stop, to restore our souls. Sabbath is a faith practice in which we ask, consider, and answer the questions that will lead us into a complete and joyful life. As such, the Sabbath is a teaching that has the potential to redirect and transform all our existence, bringing it into more faithful alignment with God’s life-building and life strengthening ways.

How might you practice Sabbath this month?

  • *Communal Sabbath with a simple Potlock soup dinner with friends.
  • *Set time aside for yourself to just rest in front of the Christmas tree and drink a cup of hot chocolate, cider or egg nog every day. Don’t think about anything during that time, savor the drink and time as your Sabbath.
  • *Set time together as a family to escape the chaos of Christmas and do something life-giving for everyone. Read, play a game, work on a puzzle. This might take work to decide!
  • *Can you decide as a family to get rid of 3 thing on your schedule and eliminate some gift obligation? Use that time to just be together.